i'm planning on coming back so soon.

for now i'm dusting things off and trying to figure out where i start. do i go back to last april 2016? - gosh that was a bad month. i never want to go back to it.

and while we are talking about it - 90% of 2016 can burn in hell for all i care.

but now it's january.


and i feel like after a few deep deep breaths and a little time remembering how to let the thoughts flow i just might be able to get some things out and off my chest, out of my brain, and let them rest somewhere. and since this happens to be one of my favorite most safest places i think here is a good start.

welcome 2017 - it can only get better..

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Clandestine Road said...

"welcome 2017 - it can only get better..." From your lips to God's ears.

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