Idaho Summer


These girls. They know how to do summer. And after our move and through our heartache last year Idaho came through and gave us a dreamy warm, bright, sunny, magical summer. It was just what we needed. 

I started working part time in April as things just came alive and slowly the world got warmer and better. 

Eagle has a Acai Bowl shop that I love. I go there and to the nursery next door when I need a little pick-me-up. Rose serves as a good date - always. 

 We discovered cute quirky little Idaho city. I love little old funny mountain towns.

And we frequented our favorite hot springs - Kirkham, which we are hoping to replace with a new favorite. Idaho has more springs than every other state and we are determined to find the perfect one. 

The Boise Greenbelt was a favorite too. Riding down the winding trails, hearing the rushing river, and feeling the breeze as it rustles through the trees is a pleasure for every one of us. It's a Sunday afternoon must. 

Birthdays are fun and I was spoiled as I turned 34 this year. I requested a cotton candy machine and to all our pleasure - E delivered.

 And although they aren't Colorado mountains the Boise forests are starting to win us over, especially with such great company.

I took the girls from church to camp. They were a lot of fun and I was grateful for the opportunity to go and get to know them better. 

We enjoyed a visit from my Grandma as she was staying with my uncle for the week. I'm so glad my girls know her and love her. 

On of our biggest highlights and adventures was traveling to the Oregon coast for the week that I have so many beautiful pictures in I'll have to make another post. 

 On the 4th of July we went up to the Sawtooth Mountains and discovered the treasure of Idaho. 

We took a boat across the lake and oo-ed and aw-ed at the gorgeous peaks. 

Untitled Untitled 

A camping trip here in the future is a must. 

We hiked to 4th of July Lake and took a dip in our undies in the icy water. The girls earned some cash for their bravery. 


 Untitled Untitled 

 Matt and Kiersten moved to Rexburg (4 hours SE of us) in August so we have enjoyed being closer to them and when the road conditions permit we plan to see each other more often.

 Of course, the girls do a lot of the following: 

 They live for this stuff. 

E got me a mountain bike for my birthday and took me up to Camel's Back Park. We had so much fun - and laughed our heads off when I ended up in the bushes. 


If we were here during the week the pool was where you'd find us soaking in the sun with friends.


It never gets old.

We had a Lewis reunion in NW Nevada.  We camped, hiked, fished, played games and splashed in the stream. Overall it was pretty amazing to bee with these people I love.


Also, boating with Brodie is pretty terrific. I can still manage to get a little air.


We discovered Eagle Island with friends and a warm sandy beach for the day.



And my personal favorite - floating the Boise River in our raft. It's a cozy ride, but so much fun! 

Yes, summer, I think we will keep you.



Dirt of The Dirt 2016


Last year we built a beautiful new garden in our new backyard. It quickly became my happy place - once again. Thank God for the beauty of the earth!


We got lots of compost, smothered the existing sod, fixed a drip line, created a trellis, and put in veggie planter boxes before it was too late to plant. We got a cute little coop for the chickens and I planted flowers and trees.

And as always, everything grew...

and eventually bore us the most beautiful fruit.

With it all comes the battle of the bugs, but really for a first year garden it was a beautiful thing. 


 Untitled Untitled

Especially when the chickens started laying eggs at the very end there. 

Give me a garden. Give me life. 

This year - BEES!
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