Up to Date in ID

I feel like this is the first time in years that I'm actually up to date on The Dirt.

Crazy because I feel like my life is currently (always) so busy that I shouldn't ever be up to date.


We are learning that SW Idaho is beautiful. Particularly in the spring. This is the South Fork of the Boise River. Isn't it just gorgeous? 

We went out exploring with new friends (practically our twin family) and had such a nice day playing in the creek, hiking a little, and enjoying the fresh air. 


We are going to have to go back before it all turns brown and when we can have a little more time.


So many girls! 


Ginger is thrilled to have two friends named Laela (Layla). 


Idaho is starting to feel like home. 

Next month will mark 6 months which sounds wild to me. 


The ache for Colorado is softening and we are feeling more hope here than I thought we would at this point. 

It's a real blessing. 

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