36 Easy Years


Last month Easy had another birthday. 

And yes, I still believe that the man just keeps getting better. 

E is helpful. He does the dishes, cleans the floors, and does the laundry. He often says to me, "How can I help you?" I love this about him. 

He is intelligent. I remember after we met I felt extremely drawn to his intelligence. He is a researcher and has an excellent memory. I feel confident in almost all the decisions he makes because I know that he has usually exhausted most of his efforts to come to a conclusion. I have always trusted in his ability to know what is best. Usually if I have a good idea you can bet that he has a better one. 

He takes care. He is always making sure that I have what I need, the girls are taken care of, and he is always trying harder to take better care of himself. He knows that exercise, eating healthy, reading, meditating, and getting out of the house make him feel good. He prioritizes those things so he can be a better husband, father, and more successful in his career. 

I could not have asked for a better dad for our girls. He doesn't coddle them or make them out to be princesses. He is determined to raise them to be strong, independent, and bold women. He shows them through example that men should respect women but he also holds them close and protects them when they are sad or tearful and need reassurance. He encourages their imaginations, ideas and has patience with them when my own has run thin. 

In a sense E and I have grown up together. We got married when we were both very young. 19 and 22. I actually heard today that most people who are married before the age of 25 end up divorced so I guess we are beating the odds a little here. 

Anyway. Eric is 36 and I feel so lucky to keep celebrating birthdays with him because he really is my favorite person. 

HBD Babe! 

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