Here and There


Our new home is spacious and modern.


 It has a large pantry, upstairs laundry, a large kitchen island and plenty of space for the kids. Also we have a nice little guest suite for visitors. Wink. Wink. The back yard is a grassy empty canvas that I plan to turn into a magical space for us to enjoy long summer days and evenings in. I hope to have a few garden beds and loads of flowers and trees with a nice open space to run and play.


As usual we unpacked pretty fast. The girls were a big help with this move! They are the luckiest little things to have each other! 


It was important for me to get them in school before the week-long Thanksgiving break. We felt like it would ease their nerves about it if they could just go for a day or two and meet their teachers and familiarize themselves with faces. It was a brave day for them and was a very different experience from our little charter in Colorado. I love that they can be strong together. They hold hands and have a greater confidence to take things on when they are together. Sisters are the best. 


Right after Thanksgiving when the girls had been to only one day of school I started my job. That meant a lot of adjustment all at once. New job, new school, daycare for Rosie (full day) & Gigi (half day). With E still acclimating to his job this meant a lot of long tiresome days. After all the juggling combined with some inversion and freezing temps we were/have still been in quite the survival mode.

I love my new job though. I'm learning so much and am working with such great people. I was hired part-time but am full-time through the end of March so that I'm well developed. We still have couple long months ahead of us.


Luckily we have been blessed with some of the greatest friends in the world and were sent a couple of sentimental packages from Colorado that made our heart's swell in those early days. There is nothing like little reminders that you aren't alone when you feel very lonely. And there is nothing like having your own stash of your favorite chocolate. 

In short moving is hard, but we are hanging on. I love that we have seen our families more and that we are adjusting. Every few days the kids talk about Colorado and I think about our old home/memories/friends often. I know that we will grow to love it here, but I also am of that opinion that a little mourning is natural and should not be pushed aside when loss is experienced. 

I do believe that there are better days are ahead and I hold onto that hope. 


Meg said...

Reese was born in that hospital!
Ugh that inversion is gross. I hope the sun shines on you soon!

Kent said...

Can't wait to visit. Lookin' good

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