A Yucky Welcome


Our first night as Idaho residents did not treat us too well. Even though it was Rosie's birthday both her and GM were throwing up and then I came down with a horrid bladder infection. It was quite rough for us. 

We got to the house though Sunday afternoon and with much anticipation busted down the front door. 




They were quick to find the "mouse hole" under the stairs and made it their home over the next couple days as the boxes arrived and we unpacked them.


Talk about a whirlwind. 2 months later and I still can't believe it. 

We miss Colorado. We miss our friends and our home and all that is familiar to us. We are 98% unpacked and we are going to school, showing up for work, and trying to make friends, but it still doesn't quite feel real. It's hard. I forgot it was this hard. E often reminds me that we have each other. I'm soooo thankful for that. 


Meg said...

Hays I hate that misplaced lonely feeling! I've been in arkie for 10 years but still felt it when we moved 2 years ago. I hope it gets better, that you get out and explore. That winter ends and you find your niche in Boise. Thinking of you, here, and commenting to remind you that just because you're relocated doesn't mean you are lost. You're still you, baby, so light it up and show that town how much brighter they are now that you're there to shine. Boise needs your family and your family needs Boise. Can't wait to read about all your adventures as you discover the whys and hows. Love to you from your southern states chapter. -Megs

eryka said...

Hang in there! You guys are amazing and so fun. I know you'll find awesome friends soon. We miss you guys!

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