We aren't really allowed to have chickens in our new neighborhood. Which makes me sad because we have these great fences here and a nice sized yard to house them. Plus I really really miss fresh eggs. 

And then I heard a rumor that my neighbors just 2 houses down have some. 

And that is all it honestly took. 


Just 2 days later we came home with 3 little chickies. 

Piggy, Sunny, and Luna. 


And let me tell you, these birds are loved! 


Up to Date in ID

I feel like this is the first time in years that I'm actually up to date on The Dirt.

Crazy because I feel like my life is currently (always) so busy that I shouldn't ever be up to date.


We are learning that SW Idaho is beautiful. Particularly in the spring. This is the South Fork of the Boise River. Isn't it just gorgeous? 

We went out exploring with new friends (practically our twin family) and had such a nice day playing in the creek, hiking a little, and enjoying the fresh air. 


We are going to have to go back before it all turns brown and when we can have a little more time.


So many girls! 


Ginger is thrilled to have two friends named Laela (Layla). 


Idaho is starting to feel like home. 

Next month will mark 6 months which sounds wild to me. 


The ache for Colorado is softening and we are feeling more hope here than I thought we would at this point. 

It's a real blessing. 




Back in February I had woken up around 4pm from my day-sleep after working the night before. I was in the kitchen getting ready to go back into work when Eric looked at me and softly said, "Hey babe, I have some bad news." 

At that moment your brain quickly scans possible "bad news" scenarios, but before I could really come up with anything he said something to the effect of "Jim called me last night. He has been having a hard time breathing and they found some spots on his lungs...it looks like cancer."


I was stunned. We were stunned. Our bigger than life, positive, caring, energetic, always laughing/smiling friend Jim and Sarah were about to be given the worst news of their lives. Stage IV Adrenal Cortical Cancer. 

Over the next few days and weeks E and I cried and prayed and often sat speechless together thinking of our sweet friends and this terrible horrible cancer. Why? How? No!!

In the meantime Jim stayed positive. Ever gracious as his friends and family worked to best serve them. Jim did not accept the fact that this cancer would take his life. He fought it and smiled and served and shared concern for others while he focused on his sweet wife and children and their well being.


In just 6 short weeks Jim passed. Some people say that it was God and maybe it was "his time" or "the Lord's time." I just don't know...maybe it was just cancer and cancer's time. Irregardless it was too soon and for the sake of his wife and children, family, and friends too much to lose.


I constantly think of Sarah. I ache for her every minute of every day. I want to take it away. I want for it all to just be a horrid dream for her. I know that she is in the depths of the greatest deepest sorrow any one of us can imagine. Or can't imagine. Her and Jim's love was one for history books and they compliment each other perfectly. Jim supported Sarah in a way that I have never seen a husband support his wife. And as great as Jim was/is Sarah is equal. She is fierce and strong. She is determined, organized, bold and sure. Right now she is broken but she is a fighter and I know that she will come up fighting.

We would go to dinner with them and Jim would order almost everything off the menu. Nothing was off-limits. He and Sarah loved getting charcuterie boards and multiple desserts with the most decadent entrees. We would sit and eat and laugh and talk about our children, careers, future plans, religion, and family. Jim would ask great questions and was always interested and all-ears when someone else was talking. Eric has said that he will miss asking Jim for advice even though Jim would usually just listen intently and say, "You got this. You'll make the right decision."

When we told Jim and Sarah that we were thinking of moving to Idaho I could tell that it saddened Jim, but he was always supportive and would tell us all the things we would love about Boise. He never said a negative thing about it. He was just genuinely happy for us and wanted us to know that even though they would miss us they understood and loved us and wanted our success.

After a lot of thought and going back and forth we decided to drive rather than fly to Colorado for the funeral. Driving gave us more time to mourn with our friends and support Jim and Sarah's families. It was so good to be there and it reminded me how great our Colorado family really is to see them rally around Sarah.


I wrote the following on the Memories of Jim Rowberry Facebook Page:

The Rowberry's moved to Colorado just 6 months after we did and we became fast friends. Our lives have been intertwined ever since with daily interactions at church, school, and activities to quality time spent camping, exploring, and going on double dates. My fondest memories of living in Colorado include spending time with them. Hearing Jim's laugh and seeing Sarah's smile was a gift. He would do anything and everything for Sarah - her happiness was his happiness. Jim had a knack for making everyone feel important and want to do better even as he was busily chasing Jane around the church halls, parking lots, and soccer and baseball fields. Last summer Max and my Ginger played on the same t-ball team. Jim and I were standing around at a game chatting about my new iPhone. I mentioned that I was worried the case wasn't so protective. Jim said, "Oh, I have that same case and I drop it all the time! You're good!" I was surprised. Really? "Oh yeah!" he replied. Then he proceeded to raise his phone to shoulder level and let gravity take it face-first straight to the concrete. He retrieved it unmarked and with dropped jaws we both laughed. "I can't believe you did that!" I said. He promptly exclaimed with his big laugh, "Me neither!" My dear friend Sarah, how I adore you and believe in you. Take all the time you need. We will continue to pray for the comfort of you and your sweet children.

So many people have offered support to this dear family that it takes my breath away. A support fund was set up right after Jim's death and in just a few days family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and even strangers donated funds to help Sarah with funeral costs and education/mission support for the kids. I love seeing people pull together like this in true times of need. It reassures me of how inherently good people truly are.

So many people have been inspired by Jim. He was a great example to many and many people have committed to living a better, fuller life due to the way Jim impacted their life.

#becauseofJim I will open my heart and relish in the moment with my friends and family. 

#becauseofJim I will be generous with my heart and show forth an increased love toward others.

#becauseofJim I will laugh and sing and live out loud! 


Because of Jim, Eric and I have been kinder to one another. We have held each other tighter and been more patient with our children.

If you want to be inspired by Jim and read how he so beautifully lived please visit the Facebook page linked above. 

Spring Break 16


We went to my parents house in Nevada for the first part of spring break. I has just worked 3 shifts in a row so I slept in the morning then we took off that afternoon.


It's so nice being close enough to drive in 1/2 a day. 


It was a chill couple of days. We had a big family dinner with a couple of my siblings and their children, enjoyed the animals, and of course, got to see Great-Grandma. 


I love that my girls are getting to know and love my grandma. She is the most loving woman I know. She is selfless and devoted. Her embrace is always warm and her smile is always kind. I have inherited her hands and hope to someday inherit her heart. 


My mothers house is one of creation. There are always craft supplies in abundance and my girls love drawing and painting with grandma. 

I'm hoping that she will teach them to knit and paint just as she taught me. 


Making it Ours


Our Idahome. 

It is nice and spacious and there is so much that I do love about it.


But gosh, I miss my Colorado home and how it was just so...us. 

I know it takes time. And personal touches. And a garden and flowers!

And it will get there, but honestly I really don't care too much for this house right now. 


First things first. 

The little girls' room was blue. A dark bold blue that just wouldn't do. 

So I got out my brush and some paint. 


And we turned it pink. The palest prettiest pink.

 It just a start, but a good one. 

Sunday Gardiners


Sunday Gardiners


Easter Girls 

I worked the night before Easter this year so E was left to do all the "bunny stuff."

I must say, he did a pretty bang-up job.


I got home in time to see baskets with the girls and watch them hunt for eggs. Then I slept and Eric got them ready for church. 


After church I got up to do eggs and prepare a nice dinner. 


It was a perfect quiet day to reflect on the Savior and enjoy being together, especially since we haven't felt too together the last couple of months. 

I have always loved Easter and even though this year was a little non-traditional I still felt the hope that accompanies it. Hope of spring and brighter calmer days. 

5 years RN


Back in February I celebrated (to myself in the elevator at work) 5 years of being a Registered Nurse. 

I was headed down to the ground floor from the 7th floor to the cafeteria at 3am for my lunch break. 

There are terrible choices at 3am to eat in the hospital - as if it could get any worse than the regular choices. I usually pack leftovers from home, but occasionally I like to gamble a bit. This often ends up in fries and salad bar because I cannot, for the life of me, hack cafeteria meatloaf at 3am. 

Anyway. 5 years. 

5 years ago I passed my NCLEX and got my AZ license to practice nursing. I had 3 little girls at home - one of which I birthed half way through my program. The next month we moved to Arkansas where I started my career working full-time on a post-op med-surg floor. 

It was busy. I often left work feeling defeated. I missed my kids and found out I was pregnant right when I started. Needless to say it was a long year, but we plugged through it. Eric would survive my work days by taking the girls exploring, they attended day-care when we both worked and I spent the year completely exhausted. I often wondered if I would ever make it as a nurse. 

After we had Rosie I tried to just work part-time. She was colicky and we had 4 children under the age of 6. I worked weekends then so really I never got a break and neither did Eric. Finally after I had a year of experience it became very imperative for me to just step away for a bit. I quit my job and focused on the girls for 2 solid years. 

When we moved to Colorado I knew that I needed to go back. And I wanted to. Right before Rosie turned 3 and was potty trained we found a great sitter in our ward and I began my job search which ended with me finding a great position at Avista. PRN Weekends was in the job description. Just what I wanted. Little obligation, but lots of hours if I wanted them. I took care of patients that were recovering from joint replacement surgery or spine surgery and I also worked the med-surg floor. It was a great job and I miss the quaintness of Avista. 

Here, I am working on the telemetry unit at a large hospital. My nights are crazy busy, but I really like my co-workers and I (mostly) adore my patients. Many of them are older and often very sick. A few of them are confused or delirious. Some are sweet, patient, and very gracious. Every so often there is one that makes me want to rip my hair out. 

I have had to fine-tune my skills with this job and rely on my assessments and critical thinking to tell me more about what is going on with my patients because their diagnosis are often multi-system and very complex. 

I come home dead tired, but usually grateful for the opportunities that I had that night to help someone feel better. Sometimes I come home shaken from events that occurred on my shift and I almost always have learned something new. Healthcare is always growing/changing and I'm happy to grow and change with it. 

I wish I could see what the future will hold for me and my career. I'd love to do relief work as well as  end up in an emergency department in a few years. My first love will always be at home with my husband and girls, but being a nurse is a close second. 

Happy Anniversary to Me! 

36 Easy Years


Last month Easy had another birthday. 

And yes, I still believe that the man just keeps getting better. 

E is helpful. He does the dishes, cleans the floors, and does the laundry. He often says to me, "How can I help you?" I love this about him. 

He is intelligent. I remember after we met I felt extremely drawn to his intelligence. He is a researcher and has an excellent memory. I feel confident in almost all the decisions he makes because I know that he has usually exhausted most of his efforts to come to a conclusion. I have always trusted in his ability to know what is best. Usually if I have a good idea you can bet that he has a better one. 

He takes care. He is always making sure that I have what I need, the girls are taken care of, and he is always trying harder to take better care of himself. He knows that exercise, eating healthy, reading, meditating, and getting out of the house make him feel good. He prioritizes those things so he can be a better husband, father, and more successful in his career. 

I could not have asked for a better dad for our girls. He doesn't coddle them or make them out to be princesses. He is determined to raise them to be strong, independent, and bold women. He shows them through example that men should respect women but he also holds them close and protects them when they are sad or tearful and need reassurance. He encourages their imaginations, ideas and has patience with them when my own has run thin. 

In a sense E and I have grown up together. We got married when we were both very young. 19 and 22. I actually heard today that most people who are married before the age of 25 end up divorced so I guess we are beating the odds a little here. 

Anyway. Eric is 36 and I feel so lucky to keep celebrating birthdays with him because he really is my favorite person. 

HBD Babe! 

Jump Creek Thoughts


Early march brought green hills to western Idaho. 


And sassy personalities.


Another spring upon us and and I realize how my girls are literally blossoming right before my eyes. I love them and this little groove we are in right now. No babies. No teenagers. Kinda perfect.


So any chance we get we are determined to make memories with them. Soon enough they will probably want to be somewhere else - like with friends.

But maybe if we can keep it up, maybe their desire explore with us will win out over music, texting, boy-talk, and shopping.


Maybe they will want to breathe fresh air, get their hands dirty, admire the sky and feel mountain breeze on their faces.


Maybe they will still hold my hand and talk with me as we pound down trails together pointing out flowers and birds.


And if not, I hope they will include me on the boy-talk.



Winter Carnival


My dear friend Gina from Colorado's parents own a cabin in nearby McCall that we were able to nab for the Winter Carnival. A little mountain-town event that people have been telling us about since we moved here in November. 

We got up there a little last minute but loved every second on it. 

I'm sure you are a little sick of hearing about how hard the move has been for us. It does continue to get better, but there is still quite the road ahead. It would be a hell of a lot easier if I wasn't working full time right now - 4 more weeks!


We ate at The Pancake House (a must) bright and early Saturday morning and spent the rest of the day checking out snow sculptures, making ornaments for the Capitol Christmas tree that will go from Idaho to Washington DC this December, we did some thrift store shopping, and finally settled in for the coldest Mardi Gras (so weird in Idaho) parade around. 


All smiles with the Millennium Falcon!



The parade was impressive but at 20-something degrees we were ready to bolt when it was over - or for E and I an hour before that.

Untitled  Untitled

That afternoon we settled in at the cabin, stoked the stove with pellets and played in the snow for hours and hours.



These two fiercely played "king of the mountain" with Eric and I and by the end of it we all had snow down our pants, boots and up the back of our shirts. It was the best time. 


And before heading home on Sunday we drove over to Gold Fork Hot Springs for a little soak. 


We are confident that all the hot springs here are in fact the gem of The Gem State. 


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