Ava's (pre-birthday) Birthday


With Ava's birthday happening so soon after our move we decided that a big-girl birthday date was in order with her closest friends here in Colorado.

It was so much fun taking these girls to dinner and a movie! They are cute and quirky, smart and silly.

Ava is such a dear friend to others. I often have had teachers tell me how she will go out of her way to befriend a new student or how she reaches out to those who need a little extra help or support. I pray that she will find someone like that in Idaho to lean on, especially the first few weeks there.

We just adore this girl. She is such a light and example in our home of goodness and I can't wait to celebrate her more in a few weeks.

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Lori said...

My heart hurts a bit for you Gardiners. We moved every 3-4 years when I was little as my dad changed jobs within the Forest Service. When I was almost 11, we moved from Carson City to St. Anthony, ID (Boise would have been WAY better). My mom had a going-away/birthday party for me so I could say goodbye one last time - we were all a little mad at our parents. Our ward had a "linger-longer" for us on our last Sunday of church and I remember watching my mom tear up over and over at over as she hugged everyone. We were pretty bratty and didn't give them a break AT ALL for making us move, never once thinking this was probably harder on them than us. I look at you and Eric and you are the ages that my parents were. Reading these posts makes me want to call my mom and apologize. :/ Good luck and congrats. I love western Idaho so much.

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