...and then the beach


It would have been absolutely unacceptable for us to leave California without a beach day! So we took a little drive over to Laguna Beach and spent the morning with our feet in the sand.

There is a super cheesy quote that I've heard a few times that says something about salt water and healing. It references tears and the sea. Agh - I don't want to look it up but here goes.

And as cheesy as it is I do feel like this little trip our ours was so necessary. 

It always amazes me to watch children at the beach. 

We didn't bring a single toy, shovel, or bucket and yet they were entertained for hours. They ran up and down the shoreline, they dug their heels in, they squealed with delight as the waves crashed on their legs, and they dug, and built, and hunted for treasures and creatures. 


When things get rough in Idaho. This is where you might find us. 


At least for a couple days. 


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