A few weeks ago we had to make a major decision. Which called for oysters. We are definitely acquiring a taste!  

E was offered a job in Boise, ID with a new company and we were honesty at a complete loss as to what to do. 

We love Colorado. Like, we really really love it here. We can see ourselves here long term, our little chickies have blossomed into real life girls here, we love the climate and the people, and our school, and our friends, and the restaurants, and the outdoors. The outdoors!!!! We have turned our home into the perfect little place that is so...us! 

But there has always been a longing to be a little more west. My parents are still in Northern Nevada and we would just love to be closer to them even if its just for a few years. We still have a huge sense of adventure and exploring the PNW seems incredibly dreamy. We love the idea of moving somewhere that is more affordable and family friendly. We had heard things like Boise is similar to Denver, just smaller! Which trust me, helped a lot. 

There were some other factors that weighed heavily on us as well, like my job, the fact that E has made incredible friends at work and works for an exciting fast growing company here, and mostly uprooting the girls...yet again. 

Just when we wrapped our heads around moving, the company here gave E an excellent offer to stay which just about sent us over the edge. We literally did not know what to do!

After lots of prayer, thought, counsel, and a few spreadsheets we decided to stick with Boise and give Idaho and a new company a try. Amidst the struggle we felt at peace with this decision. 

We sat the girls down to talk about it and they took it surprisingly well. They are excited to see grandparents more and explore a new place. I'm sure when the move happens there will be tears, but for now I'm reminded about just how resilient they are. 

I applied to a few jobs and over the course of the next few weeks had 2 phone interviews. We then went out there and I scored am in-person interview after just walking onto a floor I wanted to work on at one of the biggest hospitals there and talking to the director. The next week all 3 jobs gave me offers and I eventually accepted the offer of the job I walked in for. This was a huge blessing as my work is very important to us and I really want to continue growing my career. 

Over the next little bit we added a lot to our stress by putting our house on the market and going to find a new home in Idaho...

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