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If there is one thing we have loved more about Colorado than anything else it has been the outdoors.

There is so much to see and do here it would take a lifetime to hit it all.


With that being said we do have a few favorite places that are worth going to over and over. 

Steamboat Springs is one of them. 

Itt's tucked off the major freeways, it has history and is still quaint and quiet, but also has all the beauty of The Rockies there. I really love it.


So amidst our recent stress we decided to take a spontaneous trip with some of our best friends to Steamboat for Labor Day Weekend. 

It didn't disappoint. 


Right after school started Easy took the older girls backpacking up to Rainbow Lakes with a friend and her Dad. 

After our trip to Ice Lakes this summer the girls can tackle just about anything. 



I love these little mountain goats!


When they were gone I took Rosie on a date. We had dinner and ice-cream and did some shopping. While we were out I asked her if she was having fun on our date. She replied, "This is a date? This is not a date! Camping is a date! I want to go camping!"


She got her wish and at the daddy-daughter campout these girls pretty much became the most experienced campers under the age of 10. 


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