Roo Crashes


Our little Roo graduated from her balance bike right as school got out this summer. 

She was a little wild rider at first, but was so brave! 

One night she went out riding with E and she went down pretty hard. I was waiting for them on the driveway when he came around the corner with her bike in one hand and Roo in the other all bloodied (gratefully she was wearing her helmet).

I grabbed her and we went inside where I laid her on the counter and inspected. Her nose was bleeding and swollen, under her upper lip there was a big deep gash, and her gums were bleeding a little around her teeth. Ugh!


We put some ice on it and took off for Urgent Care. On the way she had trouble calming down and started repeating herself to me. 

At the urgent care we waited and waited then got to see the doc. 


We ended up not stitching her lip (it is uncommon to stitch inner mouth lacerations due to risk of infection and it being extremely painful) as the cut was nicely approximated, left with instructions to see an ENT about her nose, and see the dentist about her teeth. She was also diagnosed with a mild concussion.

She swore off biking for the rest of her life. 

Although it was traumatic and painful she did so well and healed up nicely. 


After a week she saw the ENT and a surgeon. They decided her nose, although still a little swollen, looked good. 


And in the meantime she finished up her job chart for her American Girl doll and we went to the store for her to pick it out. 


She was pleased as punch and when she finally decided which one she wanted. There was no wavering after that point. We got the doll and an outfit and she has been in heaven with her older sisters ever since. 

And about a month later she got back on her bike...and hasn't crashed since. 

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