Mama Day


I love Mother's Day.

I always feel purpose, and love from my girls, and admiration for all the mama's out there, but this day that is set apart for celebrating motherhood and womanhood and sisterhood is really the best.

This year I decided we'd have a surf-n-turf feast. Next time we will do with a little less crab as the girlies weren't too into it.


These girls are everything to me. I love being their mama. I am always amazed by them. 

Things are changing as we have scooted out of the baby ages and I'm learning that I have to be more direct in getting time with them. They could easily go all day entertaining themselves with little interaction from me if I allow it. It is my goal to be purposeful and connect with each of them daily - which can be hard with how busy we are. 


Dipping strawberries with them is becoming a tradition. I saw at Costco they were selling a dozen for $14 and was like, no way we are spending that! So we made a bucket load more for a fraction of the price with a big mess and chocolate fingers to boot. 

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