We interrupt my super-lame-catch-up posts with a treat.

Roo went to Kindergarten today!!!!

She was so ready!


And she pretty much rocked it.

I did pretty well too.

It's only half day after all and Rosie had gymnastics so we were busy. I adore our Gigi girl so much with her dark eyes and bright giggle. She is curious and fun. Brave and kind. Strong willed and resiliant. She told me that AJ had a hard time with missing his mom at school. I asked her if she helped him and she said, "Yes, I told him 'don't worry, your mom will be back soon.'"

Oh Roo. You are going to move mountains my girl.


Lori said...

THe brush attached to the bathroom vanity is genius.


Ah! That melts my heart! I'd be a blubbering mess if I were you, haha!

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