Roo Crashes


Our little Roo graduated from her balance bike right as school got out this summer. 

She was a little wild rider at first, but was so brave! 

One night she went out riding with E and she went down pretty hard. I was waiting for them on the driveway when he came around the corner with her bike in one hand and Roo in the other all bloodied (gratefully she was wearing her helmet).

I grabbed her and we went inside where I laid her on the counter and inspected. Her nose was bleeding and swollen, under her upper lip there was a big deep gash, and her gums were bleeding a little around her teeth. Ugh!


We put some ice on it and took off for Urgent Care. On the way she had trouble calming down and started repeating herself to me. 

At the urgent care we waited and waited then got to see the doc. 


We ended up not stitching her lip (it is uncommon to stitch inner mouth lacerations due to risk of infection and it being extremely painful) as the cut was nicely approximated, left with instructions to see an ENT about her nose, and see the dentist about her teeth. She was also diagnosed with a mild concussion.

She swore off biking for the rest of her life. 

Although it was traumatic and painful she did so well and healed up nicely. 


After a week she saw the ENT and a surgeon. They decided her nose, although still a little swollen, looked good. 


And in the meantime she finished up her job chart for her American Girl doll and we went to the store for her to pick it out. 


She was pleased as punch and when she finally decided which one she wanted. There was no wavering after that point. We got the doll and an outfit and she has been in heaven with her older sisters ever since. 

And about a month later she got back on her bike...and hasn't crashed since. 

double 3s


Right off the bat in June I turned 33. 

I really adore this age. I feel settled and calm. 33 is good. 

I love nothing more than being with my husband and children with an occasional break with friends. I love laughing and playing with my kids. I love seeing them learn new things, enjoy books, reach goals, and carry on with confidence. 

My age is starting to show a little with sun spots and wrinkles, my skin isn't as plump and hydrated, I have found just a couple grey hairs, and unless I'm eating right and working out I often feel fatigued and grumpy. I'm okay with all of this. 

I have struggled with my testimony more this year than ever. I have been striving to hold onto the basics and personal witnesses I have received of the truthfulness of the gospel to stay committed to it. It is hard though. I often feel torn, and guilty, and tired. Through this struggle I have learned that it's okay to have questions and doubts. It's okay to not have perfect faith. I know God loves me. I know he wants my success. I have decided that ultimately I want my kids to grow up in a Christ centered home, I feel balanced and happy when following the teachings of the scriptures, and I just need to not be so hard on myself. As I continue to grow I hope to increase in faith and feel closer to the spirit, I hope to be kinder to myself and others - growing up is hard stuff. 

I love yoga at 33. It's my exercise of choice. It's sweaty, stretchy, strengthening, and centering. I have a great studio I've been going to in town that I absolutely love - it's hard to find that. 

I'm watching Parenthood, Grey's Anatomy, and Wayward Pines (with E).

Most used apps on my phone are Instagram, Clash of Clans, Weatherbug, Walmart Savings Catcher, Feedly, LDS Library, and Yelp. 

I continue to take piano lessons. 

I serve in the Relief Society as First Counselor. 

I love listening to SOHN, Little Dragon, Santigold, Mt Eden, Lorde, Alt-J, and Sylvan Esso with an occasional T-Swift. When I'm alone in the car I listen to Rihanna "Bitch Better have My Money" really loud. 

I am working nights on a joint replacement and spinal surgery unit at a local hospital. I often float to the med/surg floor to help with staffing needs. I love working - but it drains me creatively. I want to get my ACLS certification and move to a job where I'd be in the ER - once all my kiddos are in school. I love working once or twice a week. It's perfect right now. 

In the mornings my favorite thing is going out to inspect my garden. The bees are usually at work pollinating things, the tomatoes are turning, the grass is wet and everything is calm. 



We interrupt my super-lame-catch-up posts with a treat.

Roo went to Kindergarten today!!!!

She was so ready!


And she pretty much rocked it.

I did pretty well too.

It's only half day after all and Rosie had gymnastics so we were busy. I adore our Gigi girl so much with her dark eyes and bright giggle. She is curious and fun. Brave and kind. Strong willed and resiliant. She told me that AJ had a hard time with missing his mom at school. I asked her if she helped him and she said, "Yes, I told him 'don't worry, your mom will be back soon.'"

Oh Roo. You are going to move mountains my girl.

Moab Again


The day that school got out we hit the road to SUMMER! 

We had plans to go to the Sand Dunes again, but with thunderstorms and freezing overnight temps we decided last minute on the desert instead. 


Which we can't really complain about. Moab is magical, especially in late spring. And we had friends with us + family so it was pretty fun.


Hiking Elephant Trail Hill


You know what is funny, thinking you can fit through a slot canyon with the kids and then getting stuck where the only way out is 12' above you. So you wedge yourself up a few feet, brace yourself, reach up, and get pulled out.



Catching lizards is always a hit. I love that my girls aren't a bit squeamish when it comes to such things.

We love going exploring with them and encouraging them to go beyond their comfort zones. We hope to instill so much adventure in them that it becomes part of them. 


Our trip to Delicate was a bit interesting with Rosie out of the pack for the first time. 


She did really amazing though considering the high winds and rain at the top. We were slow, but we made it. 


She was so cute the while trip posing on rocks and demanding her picture be taken.

She kept saying, "Get my legs Dad! Did you get my legs?" Apparently they are her best feature. 

Sometimes I get lazy and don't bring my big camera. But when I see images like this straight out of the camera I almost kick myself. Nothing can capture like a DSLR. 

There was quite the gang of girls at our campsite and they were determined to educate all other kid campers on the "big rock" that trapping and tormenting lizards is straight up WRONG!


Here they are planning their coalition.

With 2 sets of friends from Colorado, 1 from Utah, and 2 of Easy's siblings making the trip we sure had a blast. Until next time Moab! 


Schools Out For Summa


Last day of 2nd and 3rd grade. 

They are thrilled! 


This little girlie on the other hand shed some serious tears about leaving her preschool and Mrs Woods who has been her teacher and #1 cheerleader the past 2 years.

Mama Day


I love Mother's Day.

I always feel purpose, and love from my girls, and admiration for all the mama's out there, but this day that is set apart for celebrating motherhood and womanhood and sisterhood is really the best.

This year I decided we'd have a surf-n-turf feast. Next time we will do with a little less crab as the girlies weren't too into it.


These girls are everything to me. I love being their mama. I am always amazed by them. 

Things are changing as we have scooted out of the baby ages and I'm learning that I have to be more direct in getting time with them. They could easily go all day entertaining themselves with little interaction from me if I allow it. It is my goal to be purposeful and connect with each of them daily - which can be hard with how busy we are. 


Dipping strawberries with them is becoming a tradition. I saw at Costco they were selling a dozen for $14 and was like, no way we are spending that! So we made a bucket load more for a fraction of the price with a big mess and chocolate fingers to boot. 
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