May is for Lovers


at the beginning of may we celebrated 12 years of marriage. 

after 12 years you start to talk like each other. you know each other's preferences on food, clothing, entertainment, politics, etc. 

you even think like one another. 

we were young when we married and we grew up together. 

we figured it out. 

a girl at work asked me a few weeks ago why i got married so young. she asked why we didn't wait until we were out of college. I thought about it for a minute and replied with a simple, "we didn't want to." 

with the years under our belts there is immeasurable comfort. we know that there are ups and downs, that hard times pass, that we must forgive to grow and further our joy, and that we can do pretty much anything if with the other half by our side.

so much has changed in 12 years - we have sprouted some grey hairs and wrinkles, we have brought 4 beautiful children to this earth, we have mourned the loss of grandparents and celebrated marriages and births in our extended families. we have moved around and adapted to many new places and surroundings. we have purchased homes and built careers and we have met some of our greatest friends all across the country.

and then there are those things that are the same. he still rubs my head at night to help me sleep, we take any adventure that we can when we can, we laugh at the same jokes, and we get mad at each other for the same dumb things. 

we dream of traveling the country together someday when our girls are grown with a truck and trailer. we will visit all the breathtaking places we can together. we will grow old and hopefully die on the same day in our bed at home with all our faculties still intact. 

i love you ejg. 

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You guys are the best! You set a great example for Fat and I, and give us ideas for how we want to shape our little family. Wish we lived closer. And love that you call him EJG since I call Fat RPG all the time :)

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