Gardiner Reunion


At the beginning of May E's sister came to the states for a visit so we all got together and enjoyed some time in Sundance. Rachel booked a cabin we could all stay in together and it was just perfect.

We have quite a few new baby boys in the Gardiner family and my girls loved entertaining them for hours and hours. When we got home all the women in our house were depressed and begging for another baby for a couple of weeks. Ha! 

Anyway, Sundance is beautiful!!! We went on a perfect little hike for the kiddos/babies when the rain broke.

I really enjoy these people.

E and all his siblings. They are a funny bunch. 

The cabin had a theater room that the girls went crazy over. Of course it had it's own popcorn machine, sound proof walls, recliners and love sac's, plus a pretty fancy sound system. 

Near the end of the week I got sick and went to the urgent care to have a strep test (I was pretty worried about infecting those babies with something) and E took the girls to Bridal Veil falls. He called this pic "Hike Dancing". 

Of course Cinco de Mayo had to be celebrated in true Gardiner fashion with carne asada tacos, beans, mexican rice, and a piƱata. We loved that the Binghams came up to celebrate with us. 


May is for Lovers


at the beginning of may we celebrated 12 years of marriage. 

after 12 years you start to talk like each other. you know each other's preferences on food, clothing, entertainment, politics, etc. 

you even think like one another. 

we were young when we married and we grew up together. 

we figured it out. 

a girl at work asked me a few weeks ago why i got married so young. she asked why we didn't wait until we were out of college. I thought about it for a minute and replied with a simple, "we didn't want to." 

with the years under our belts there is immeasurable comfort. we know that there are ups and downs, that hard times pass, that we must forgive to grow and further our joy, and that we can do pretty much anything if with the other half by our side.

so much has changed in 12 years - we have sprouted some grey hairs and wrinkles, we have brought 4 beautiful children to this earth, we have mourned the loss of grandparents and celebrated marriages and births in our extended families. we have moved around and adapted to many new places and surroundings. we have purchased homes and built careers and we have met some of our greatest friends all across the country.

and then there are those things that are the same. he still rubs my head at night to help me sleep, we take any adventure that we can when we can, we laugh at the same jokes, and we get mad at each other for the same dumb things. 

we dream of traveling the country together someday when our girls are grown with a truck and trailer. we will visit all the breathtaking places we can together. we will grow old and hopefully die on the same day in our bed at home with all our faculties still intact. 

i love you ejg. 

AZ Love


For the second half of spring break I boarded a plane with my two oldest babes and headed to AZ to see some of our best friends from the days we lived there.

IMG_7625  IMG_7624

We didn't waste a lot of time and got these cute buddies out on a hike to overlook all of Phoenix. I have really missed The Valley of the Sun! 


The rest of the week involved a lot of staying up late, brave girls jumping in the cold pool, bike rides to froyo, splash pads, milkshakes, bowling, movies, shopping, and all out girl-fun.


E and I decided many years ago that the Robertsons are a family to invest in. We value their friendship so much and we adore their children. They are the only people (besides family) that we have agreed sleep-overs are acceptable with. 


Jordan and I comment often about how we don't have a lot of pictures together for how much time we have spent together. We remedied that this trip with a few gems like this one! I absolutely love Jordan. Our friendship started with someone meeting me at church 6 years ago and after learning I had 2 little girls and was pregnant with my 3rd baby they told me I needed to meet Jordan. And they were right - I needed this girl! We needed each other. With husbands working long hours, no family nearby, and tiny girls at home we leaned on each other just as sister's would for a couple of years. We shuffled little girls around, shared recipes, held each other's babies, worked on project's to keep ourselves sane in the AZ heat, served together and built a friendship that has lasted both time and distance. 


18 months ago Jake was diagnosed with a glioblastoma - basically a not-so-nice tumor in his brain that is very tricky, aggressive and terminal. They have been through the ringer with this glio and I have ached with and for them at every turn. It was a blessing to me to be in their home at spring break during this time. I loved learning from them and doing what I could to serve them. I adored going to dinner with them and seeing them laugh and smile amidst the elephant in the room. I love that they did not shy away from the hard questions or topics and that they were so willing to share with me their fears, hopes, and the massive amounts of knowledge they have gained through cancer. I appreciated Jake's drive for wellness and Jordan's tender care for him and their sweet children. 


At the end of the week we left feeling so full. My girls reunited with their best friends and I having learned so much from Jake and Jordan about love, health, and service. I hope I always remember the way I felt in their home. It's hard to describe the warmth that was there. We get to see them again this month and the girls are already counting down the days. 

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