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We started off spring break as Denver tourists. I had been wanting to hit up a few local "must do's" while we are here - because you know, Gardiner's don't stay put too long ;)

One of the best breakfast places in the area is Snooze and they have a location in LoDo "Lower Downtown" that is in the old Union Station. 

The food was phenomenal as always (OMG french toast, peanut butter cup pancakes, Chili Verde Benny, cinnamon roll pancake to name a few) and the new location was quite fun too! 

Union Station is really beautiful. It has recently been renovated and outfitted with some fantastic mid-century furniture that Eric and I drooled over.

After breakfast we hopped on public trans and took a free ride to Capitol Hill.

IMG_7517 IMG_7525

The bus was everything you love and hate about public transportation: smells and sounds, interesting people, scary people, standing while riding, and Rosie asking questions like, "How does this bus talk?" 


The Capitol in Denver sits on a hill that is one mile above sea level. It is a beautiful building with real  gold leafing on the dome exterior commemorating the Colorado Gold Rush. 


The interior has copious amounts of Rose Onyx only found here in the state and actually all that has  ever existed is right here within this building. 


And the 'mile high marker" has been disputed a few times throughout history and is marked more than once on these steps. Ha!


After touring the capitol we ran into The Cathedral Basilica just down the road - it was quite nice to get off the street with our 4 chickies for a minute. 


We took in the stained glass and quiet for a minute before heading back to public trans and then finally home. 


he next day we decided we were over the city and we headed up to the mountains. It was funny because I felt so much more at home here. Like we could breathe and relax and not have to worry so much. The city is stressful! 


Rosie says, "Some boys wear der hats yike dis."


Eldorado Canyon.

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AshDaBell said...

Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun. I love Rosie's sideways hat, she is so cute.

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