we have spirit


A few weeks ago the girls had spirit week at school and it's always a good time. 

On "Dress Like a Teacher Day" GM dressed specifically as her teacher: vans, black shirt, glasses, skinny jeans, and pony tail.  They looked so adorable and very professional. 


80's Day

Ava told me how she told her friend that, "We kinda go all out!" and she is totally right. I have a hard time being subtle with these things. And they love it so much that until the day that they are too big for it we will continue to "kinda go all out!"

Crazy Hair Day

And finally on Crazy Sock/Hair Day we finished the week off in all her glory and gave GM a quite memorable faux hawk. Ava chose to be more subtle with her field trip that being day. 

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These are seriously impressive! Miss you guys!

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