Brace Face


At the end of February we said goodbye to the sweet unruly smile on GM. 

She had a few red-flags on her teeth from the Orthodontist that we had confirmed with another Ortho - so I guess her teeth saga continues. 

It is crazy that our 7 year old has braces. Just crazy. 

It wasn't all smiles though.

She spiked a fever later that day and the next and that night she tripped in the basement over a cord and smacked her (already sore and achy) mouth on the concrete. I had to peel her bloody top lip off the bracket to assess the damage and luckily it wasn't too bad - she was pretty traumatized though...and finally the next day she started throwing up. After a few days things started to settle down and she was able to eat better. 

Sheesh though. What drama. 


The craziest thing was how fast they moved. I couldn't believe it. 

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