we have spirit


A few weeks ago the girls had spirit week at school and it's always a good time. 

On "Dress Like a Teacher Day" GM dressed specifically as her teacher: vans, black shirt, glasses, skinny jeans, and pony tail.  They looked so adorable and very professional. 


80's Day

Ava told me how she told her friend that, "We kinda go all out!" and she is totally right. I have a hard time being subtle with these things. And they love it so much that until the day that they are too big for it we will continue to "kinda go all out!"

Crazy Hair Day

And finally on Crazy Sock/Hair Day we finished the week off in all her glory and gave GM a quite memorable faux hawk. Ava chose to be more subtle with her field trip that being day. 




At the end of March Easy turned 35. 

I can honestly say that this man is getting better with age. We all adore him so much. 

He is the favorite bedtime-story reader, wrestler, and adventurer. He motivates these girls and encourages them. There is no topic that is shied away from or passed off to me - he definitely holds his own in this estrogen soaked home as we approach teen years. 

When I first met E I was so enamored by his intelligence, quick whit, and desire to serve and help others. He won me over with his perfect broad smile and carefree attitude. He respected me and loved me even at times when I felt so unworthy of it. He is loyal to the core. 

E is developing some grey hairs on his beard that I just love. We are growing old together! It's happening!

We still daydream of our future (most involve traveling the country in a camper, hiking, visiting national parks, with me working travel-nurse jobs along the way, and visiting our girls wherever they may end up). 

We were talking last night and he brought up that in 10 years he will be 45. He laughed at how "old" it sounded. It is pretty funny to think about and I'm sure we will continue to have our struggles, but I really can't wait to see how we will grow and change together in these years to come. 

There are times in all our moving (a lot lately) that I can't help but feel lonely - and wish for a more constant friend nearby (or a sister!!) It always occurs to me though, rather quickly, that I have Eric and he truly is the bestest friend I could ask for. 


Bye Bye Beige


Since the day we moved in I pretty much vowed that eventually I'd rid this house of the plaguing beige on every wall. 

I've worked hard on the powder room and the big girls' room, the master, the dining room, and the little girls' room since we moved in 2 years ago. Finally Easy left on a work trip and I got the girls to work on the living room. 


I love that they are so eager to help. 


And when the light greige went up it felt like the birds began to sing! (apparently "greige" grey-beige is a thing now)


The color is Aged Beige from Behr. I got it in the new Marquee paint with an eggshell finish. It's perfectly warm yet cool at the same time. It often looks grey, but in another light looks white, then can also be a light beige. I love it!


And a few weeks later I finished up the job by taking it into part of the kitchen. 


I'm hoping to tackle the entry this summer. 

Wish me luck though that ceiling is high!


Brace Face


At the end of February we said goodbye to the sweet unruly smile on GM. 

She had a few red-flags on her teeth from the Orthodontist that we had confirmed with another Ortho - so I guess her teeth saga continues. 

It is crazy that our 7 year old has braces. Just crazy. 

It wasn't all smiles though.

She spiked a fever later that day and the next and that night she tripped in the basement over a cord and smacked her (already sore and achy) mouth on the concrete. I had to peel her bloody top lip off the bracket to assess the damage and luckily it wasn't too bad - she was pretty traumatized though...and finally the next day she started throwing up. After a few days things started to settle down and she was able to eat better. 

Sheesh though. What drama. 


The craziest thing was how fast they moved. I couldn't believe it. 

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