Fit for Little Girls


A couple of weeks ago I got out the paint roller again. 

It's pretty easy to get submit to the urge to paint all things bright and light when our home is covered in a dark beige that feels suffocating and cave-like. 

Roo and Rosie's room needed some serious help:


I picked out a color called Water Mark from Behr at Home Depot, slapped it on then rearranged a little bit.


Then put up some gold vinyl half-circles on the wall (from Target - irritating because they are now peeling off in places) and rehung pictures and curtains.


It's such a cute little space for them now. 

Eventually I'd like to get another vintage dresser for Rosie and a better lamp, but for now it seems to suit them (and the big sisters) just fine. 


Next I'll tackle our living room.

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