Fit for Little Girls


A couple of weeks ago I got out the paint roller again. 

It's pretty easy to get submit to the urge to paint all things bright and light when our home is covered in a dark beige that feels suffocating and cave-like. 

Roo and Rosie's room needed some serious help:


I picked out a color called Water Mark from Behr at Home Depot, slapped it on then rearranged a little bit.


Then put up some gold vinyl half-circles on the wall (from Target - irritating because they are now peeling off in places) and rehung pictures and curtains.


It's such a cute little space for them now. 

Eventually I'd like to get another vintage dresser for Rosie and a better lamp, but for now it seems to suit them (and the big sisters) just fine. 


Next I'll tackle our living room.


So Cal in September with a little desert on the side


Like I said before, I can't believe this little family getaway of our slipped through the cracks. It was one of our favorites from last summer. 


We had a family reunion planned in St George, Ut with Easy's family, but we really wanted to go to the beach. So we took the girls out of school, took advantage of the off-season, and drove to So Cal prior to the reunion.


We found a cheap little bungalow to stay in and enjoyed the extended Labor Day weekend there. 

Experiencing the ocean with these girls was awesome. We have beached before, but it's been a couple of years so it all felt completely new again. Apparently we had great timing due to El Nino; the water was warm and perfect. 

It didn't take long for Rosie to go down with a wave though. The poor girl was so traumatized after this she wouldn't go near it again. 


They were in heaven.

The next day we explored around San Diego a little bit.

IMG_6813 IMG_6838

La Jolla cove was fun and as we were watching the sea lions play we wished for our snorkel gear. 


The San Diego Temple was also a necessary stop. 



But mostly we just wanted to play in the sand all day everrrrrryday. 

IMG_3229 IMG_3278

The girls also were pretty good sports about boogie boarding. I was impressed with Ava's determination as she rode wave after wave with both E and I. 

GM surprisingly didn't like it quite as much and rode a few then was done. 


But Ava was unstoppable until a final wave crashed right over us, then she decided she'd had enough.


El Nino also brought loads of little blue jelly fish to the shore. The coast was littered with them and after the initial worry we learned that they weren't really dangerous.


That night we met up with some old friends in San Clemente and enjoyed some very expensive beach ice cream and chatting. It's funny because I say that we are "old friends" but the truth is that we only remember sort-of-knowing one another from college days - mostly Rachelle and I have been e-friends throughout the years and we have a lot of mutual friends - so we feel like old friends. The internet is amazing - right??


Our days in So Cal weren't quite all fun and games though as we took off almost a whole week of school. Many mornings were spent around the table writing and doing math. 


But then of course we would hit the sand again. 


On our last night in Oceanside we sat our and watched the sun set over the pacific. We held the girls tight and enjoyed the romantic moment with our little family. 


Then we had root beer floats by the fire pit with the waves crashing right before us. It was truly a sweet memory and the perfect end to our little beachy-getaway.

IMG_3355 IMG_3393

our little bungalow - the second door in. 


 IMG_7205 IMG_7201

We met Easy's family at his aunt's home in St George and spent a few days doting on little Lukie and enjoying grandparents and aunts/uncles. 

IMG_3479 IMG_3466

Also the best news was shared that Aunt Ashley is expecting a baby in March!!! Yes, its right around the corner!!


We love that this Gardiner family is growing so much!


Because we basically have teenagers now! (just look at these girls)


We mostly did a lot of relaxing, eating, a little hiking, and enjoyed a few runs to Swig.


...and we took the sweet ride in the garage for a couple of runs in the desert.


The following pic is basically my favorite ever of these two.


While we were there Kent was on a little poetry kick and he wrote poems for/about each of his grandchildren. I love them - they are beautiful descriptions of my daughters:

Ava's mind is
filled with books.
She dreams in libraries.
Upon finding a book
she devours it
like a hungry wolf,
not stopping for dinner or play.
When finished
she looks for another meal.

GM is asleep.
The smell of darkness
wraps around her shoulders
like the bottom of a well
or a graveyard at night. 
She's a bear in a cave.
Everyone else is up.
Not GM.
Don't wake her
she'll growl and
snap at you.

GG's heart
dances around words-
Waves are "visitors,"
reflections are "buddies."
If your not young or old
your a "honey."
The men she likes
are her "best guys."
When everyone is asleep
she sits on her bed -
inventing new languages.

Rosie wants GG's toy so
she she strips it from her
and when GG takes it back
Rosie screams like she's
discovered a murderer.
Her mother enters the scene
accusing GG of the crime
as Rosie dries her tears and
smiles innocently.

We have another get together planned for early May with even more Gardiner's and we can't wait.

And I can sleep peacefully knowing that this adventure is officially blogged :)

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