Sunny Days

Well, February started out as a dream. 

A couple of weeks ago we took complete advantage of it. 


Saturday morning a sweet friend of mine texted to see if all the girls wanted to come play for a bit. I hesitated because I didn't want to put her out then I decided that Eric and I should really just take her up on it - since our weekends are a little more limited now.

We went to breakfast at Lucille's in Boulder (New Orleans style brunch) then walked Pearl St and did a little shopping. Finally, we hit up a couple of thrift stores. We are so used to going on dates at night I never thought how nice it would be to go in the morning - it was so refreshing.


After we grabbed the girls we had some lunch then went on a little bike ride. The Coal Creek trail had opened a month before the Boulder Flood in 2013, then the flood completely wiped it out. It opened again last fall, but we had not yet been on it so we were pretty excited to see where it would take us.

We packed up snacks, some toys, and even had to sunscreen-up a little before taking off. 

No kidding the weather was gorgeous. 

Ava and GM rode 9 miles total (whined for 6). We were hoping to come to a park at our turn-around point, but we just ended up in a retirement community with lots of walking trails and benches every 20 feet. We snacked in an open area and played a bit of frisbee in the wind before heading back. 

The next day some friends invited us to picnic up Flagstaff Rd in Boulder after church. We changed, ate, and let the kids explore for a few hours amongst the rocks. 

The sunshine was soooo good for us. 

And the views quite spectacular. 

It was the perfect break for the snowy days to come. 

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