A few months ago we started reading Harry Potter. 

It has since completely consumed the household. Even E and I (whom have both never read it) are hooked. 

Each evening the three older girls settle down and pick up their room, lay out their school clothes, and snuggle up while Easy reads to them about Muggles, Dark Arts, spells, He-who-shall-not-be-named, flying cars, Quidditch, House Ghosts, and the list goes on and on.

After each book read we have a much anticipated and intense night of watching the corresponding movie.


Last week the local library had a Harry Potter night where the the kids were sorted, made potions,  snitches, and wands, then even played a little Quidditch themselves. They anticipated and talked about this night for a full week before the actual event. 


Of course Gigi lost her wand the next day and our neighbor needed one to properly play so we whipped up a few more.

These wands are so simple - just a piece of plain paper rolled up tightly from one corner and glued at the other side. Then, it's stuffed with a "phoenix" feather and a piece of cotton ball is shoved into each end and hot-glued. Hot glue is around the handle and up the wand if desired then it's painted with craft paint.

When I work I have them give me a little synopsis the next day of what I missed and it's like 100X better then reading it first hand

I promise that there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss my girls being tiny babies, but honestly, this big-kid stuff is pretty darn fun.


Kelli said...

They are so so fun. Me and jim read them a few years ago and then went to Harry Potter world. It's just one of the greatest stories ever told. I'm excited for your family in this special Harry Potter world obsession time. :)

nettie said...

I wish I could be a first time reader again. So exciting.

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