Back when we went had a little visit to St George to hang with Easy's extended family his dad was on a little poetry kick and wrote the sweetest little poems about each of the girls.

We had talked about how at the beach, just days before in So Cal, when the waves would crash into the girls' sand forts or castles they would shout, "We have visitors!" or "Here come the visitors!" Easy and I loved how the waves were instantly dubbed "visitors" for the trip.

I've actually just discovered (while attempting to link to it) that those beach days were never blogged. What??? I'll have to do that. 

Anyway, before Kent wrote his poem about Roo we were talking about a few of the funny little things our kids say that just our little family can identify with or know the meaning of. I'm sure your family or all families have similar words.

Mine did.

I remember in my home that my mom called pancakes "hotcakes" and pajamas "jammers". She would tell us to, "Go light somewhere!" meaning she wanted us to find a place to sit still.

I have been thinking about this lately and catching the little words that we say in our home. Some are common and others are pretty unique.

Pajamas are Jammies
When Ava and GM were little they used to say when something was really cool, or big, or just awesome that it was "Super computer ____."
A laundry hamper is a Dirty.
When the girls play, a toddler is called the Honey.
Pacifiers were always Binkies.
When a sparkly object casts a reflection onto a surface that reflection is a Buddy.
Removing your dishes from the table is clearing Your Place.
Their dad, favorite uncles, and grandpas are called Best Guys.
Stuffed animals are Stuffies.
Movies are Shows.
A titch is a very small amount of something.
The Leap Frog Explorer for road trips was called the Dora Explorer (Roo) for a long time but has now changed into the Guff Guff (Rosie).
Any type of sickness that involves a cough is called The Coughs. It's pretty cute to hear them say, "Momma, I got The Coughs!"
Also, pink eye is THE PINK EYE. My favorite one. It cracks me up because it's always singular and sounds so menacing when they say it.

I'm sure that there are so much more, but I love this little list and as these girls grow and their language changes I'm sure I'll look back on it and hear their little voices.

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Its so fun seeing these girls grow up! They make me eager for every little stage I'll be hitting with each of my own :)

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