Busy Valentine

Valentines Day is usually pretty simple around here, but since it landed on a 3 day weekend we extended it a bit.


It all got started with the science fair. 

Ava did great and earned herself a cute little ribbon. 

I can honestly say that I HATE science projects and I pray that next year the fair will not be mandatory. It went from 4pm-7pm on a FRIDAY night. Not cool. 


 Things got better though because E took Ava to the Daddy-Daughter Dance at the church also that night. The girls love going on dates with their dad and this date is quickly becoming a favorite - next year he will have to split his time between 2 girls. Lucky guy. 

Untitled 1614227_10152863812013110_6951579603866192263_o

They decorated cookies and danced the night away and yes, we had a very tired girl on our hands when they returned home. 


I have made it a tradition to make the kids + Easy handmade valentines with a few little goodies that are laid out on the table the night before for them to check out before breakfast in the morning on V-day. Simple things - socks, a notepad, candies, and a handmade love note. It makes us all feel quite ushy-gushy inside.


That afternoon we went to the park and enjoyed what was left of our springtime in February. 


And we followed the evening up with a family date to our favorite cheap Mexican restaurant. 


It is a bit of a drive, but we didn't mind because the sky was magical. 

My whole world right here. 


On Sunday we had heart-shaped pizza and spent the day snuggled up as the snow finally came. 


And with a snow-day Monday we played, and painted nails, and wrapped hair, baked cupcakes and did our shopping. This girl-mom thing is pretty awesome. It's like a nonstop slumber party sometimes. 

80 little nails!

Gulp. I'm turning them into little hippies.


There was a time that I hated shopping with all 4, but these days it's cake - as long as Rosie is IN the cart. 

Also, Walmart Savings Catcher is absolute genius. 


Sunny Days

Well, February started out as a dream. 

A couple of weeks ago we took complete advantage of it. 


Saturday morning a sweet friend of mine texted to see if all the girls wanted to come play for a bit. I hesitated because I didn't want to put her out then I decided that Eric and I should really just take her up on it - since our weekends are a little more limited now.

We went to breakfast at Lucille's in Boulder (New Orleans style brunch) then walked Pearl St and did a little shopping. Finally, we hit up a couple of thrift stores. We are so used to going on dates at night I never thought how nice it would be to go in the morning - it was so refreshing.


After we grabbed the girls we had some lunch then went on a little bike ride. The Coal Creek trail had opened a month before the Boulder Flood in 2013, then the flood completely wiped it out. It opened again last fall, but we had not yet been on it so we were pretty excited to see where it would take us.

We packed up snacks, some toys, and even had to sunscreen-up a little before taking off. 

No kidding the weather was gorgeous. 

Ava and GM rode 9 miles total (whined for 6). We were hoping to come to a park at our turn-around point, but we just ended up in a retirement community with lots of walking trails and benches every 20 feet. We snacked in an open area and played a bit of frisbee in the wind before heading back. 

The next day some friends invited us to picnic up Flagstaff Rd in Boulder after church. We changed, ate, and let the kids explore for a few hours amongst the rocks. 

The sunshine was soooo good for us. 

And the views quite spectacular. 

It was the perfect break for the snowy days to come. 




A few months ago we started reading Harry Potter. 

It has since completely consumed the household. Even E and I (whom have both never read it) are hooked. 

Each evening the three older girls settle down and pick up their room, lay out their school clothes, and snuggle up while Easy reads to them about Muggles, Dark Arts, spells, He-who-shall-not-be-named, flying cars, Quidditch, House Ghosts, and the list goes on and on.

After each book read we have a much anticipated and intense night of watching the corresponding movie.


Last week the local library had a Harry Potter night where the the kids were sorted, made potions,  snitches, and wands, then even played a little Quidditch themselves. They anticipated and talked about this night for a full week before the actual event. 


Of course Gigi lost her wand the next day and our neighbor needed one to properly play so we whipped up a few more.

These wands are so simple - just a piece of plain paper rolled up tightly from one corner and glued at the other side. Then, it's stuffed with a "phoenix" feather and a piece of cotton ball is shoved into each end and hot-glued. Hot glue is around the handle and up the wand if desired then it's painted with craft paint.

When I work I have them give me a little synopsis the next day of what I missed and it's like 100X better then reading it first hand

I promise that there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss my girls being tiny babies, but honestly, this big-kid stuff is pretty darn fun.




Back when we went had a little visit to St George to hang with Easy's extended family his dad was on a little poetry kick and wrote the sweetest little poems about each of the girls.

We had talked about how at the beach, just days before in So Cal, when the waves would crash into the girls' sand forts or castles they would shout, "We have visitors!" or "Here come the visitors!" Easy and I loved how the waves were instantly dubbed "visitors" for the trip.

I've actually just discovered (while attempting to link to it) that those beach days were never blogged. What??? I'll have to do that. 

Anyway, before Kent wrote his poem about Roo we were talking about a few of the funny little things our kids say that just our little family can identify with or know the meaning of. I'm sure your family or all families have similar words.

Mine did.

I remember in my home that my mom called pancakes "hotcakes" and pajamas "jammers". She would tell us to, "Go light somewhere!" meaning she wanted us to find a place to sit still.

I have been thinking about this lately and catching the little words that we say in our home. Some are common and others are pretty unique.

Pajamas are Jammies
When Ava and GM were little they used to say when something was really cool, or big, or just awesome that it was "Super computer ____."
A laundry hamper is a Dirty.
When the girls play, a toddler is called the Honey.
Pacifiers were always Binkies.
When a sparkly object casts a reflection onto a surface that reflection is a Buddy.
Removing your dishes from the table is clearing Your Place.
Their dad, favorite uncles, and grandpas are called Best Guys.
Stuffed animals are Stuffies.
Movies are Shows.
A titch is a very small amount of something.
The Leap Frog Explorer for road trips was called the Dora Explorer (Roo) for a long time but has now changed into the Guff Guff (Rosie).
Any type of sickness that involves a cough is called The Coughs. It's pretty cute to hear them say, "Momma, I got The Coughs!"
Also, pink eye is THE PINK EYE. My favorite one. It cracks me up because it's always singular and sounds so menacing when they say it.

I'm sure that there are so much more, but I love this little list and as these girls grow and their language changes I'm sure I'll look back on it and hear their little voices.

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