Gardiners 2014


I am sort of cheap when it come to family photos. 

I usually just try to find a photographer who is just starting out and needs practice or I convince a friend or family member who has a steady hand and a good eye to just push the button on my camera then I will do a little editing in Photoshop. 

It isn't fool-proff, but mostly it works out just fine for us. 

This year at Thanksgiving I handed my camera off to my sister-in-law Steph and she was able to nab a few good ones. 


As I was setting it up I took a few of E and the girls. 


And it turns out that this is about my favorite photo ever.  The girls clambering over E, Rosie and Gigi with their sweet hands clenching him, GM classically being a little extreme, and Ava with her grace ever so slightly leaning into her dad.


There is also this one - which pretty much sums up what things are like in our house. 

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