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Christmas Eve 2014

Rocky Mountain National Park

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Christmas Eve was spent sledding up at Rocky Mountain National Park. We had invited friends to come along with us but it ended up just being our little family - which we also love. 

It was freezing though, and windy, and a little miserable with Rosie who screamed the entire time. 

Nonetheless, we played and sledded and had a great time in the little time that we actually were there. 


Honestly though the drive itself is completely worth it. 


Afterward Easy snapped this selfie of us as we were warming up our toes in the car. I love it. We look so "Colorado". 


That night we dined on a meat, cheese, crackers + fruit, nuts, veggies, and olives + sparkling cider.


Then we opened Christmas Jammies and read from the bible and finally watched the beautiful Nativity on LDS.org.

It was perfect - minus that one measly strand of lights on my tree. 

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