...and then the beach


It would have been absolutely unacceptable for us to leave California without a beach day! So we took a little drive over to Laguna Beach and spent the morning with our feet in the sand.

There is a super cheesy quote that I've heard a few times that says something about salt water and healing. It references tears and the sea. Agh - I don't want to look it up but here goes.

And as cheesy as it is I do feel like this little trip our ours was so necessary. 

It always amazes me to watch children at the beach. 

We didn't bring a single toy, shovel, or bucket and yet they were entertained for hours. They ran up and down the shoreline, they dug their heels in, they squealed with delight as the waves crashed on their legs, and they dug, and built, and hunted for treasures and creatures. 


When things get rough in Idaho. This is where you might find us. 


At least for a couple days. 


Disneyland Cures


We had been wanting to plan a little trip since finding out that we were moving and we managed to fit in some time to take the girls to Disney.

We didn't waste much time to start drowning our woes with a stop at In n Out as soon as we hit California for nostalgic burgers, fries, and shakes.


Then when we got to our hotel we really drowned our sorrows with some pool-time. It was too cold for me so I supervised from the hot tub and loved listening to them play and splash together. Hearing the girls' laughter was medicine for my aching heart as that night I decided I really didn't want to move, but wanted nothing more that to stay at our home in Colorado forever.


The next day our sorrows continued to dissipate in the Magic Kingdom. They are great ages for Disney (really the best) and seeing it through their eyes was so much fun.

Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled

We weren't interested in waiting in lines too long so of course we utilized fast-passes. We also rode together on every ride that we could as long as everyone was tall enough. 


Maybe not the best idea though. Tall enough does not equal "age appropriate" especially when dealing with The Tower of Terror!!!!! (not our best parenting with that one)


She was forgiving with princess visits though.



And some spinning!


It was such a treat being together. Especially as we have been feeling a little fragile. Now a few days at Grandma's and we should be ready to take this Boise thing head on.


Ava's (pre-birthday) Birthday


With Ava's birthday happening so soon after our move we decided that a big-girl birthday date was in order with her closest friends here in Colorado.

It was so much fun taking these girls to dinner and a movie! They are cute and quirky, smart and silly.

Ava is such a dear friend to others. I often have had teachers tell me how she will go out of her way to befriend a new student or how she reaches out to those who need a little extra help or support. I pray that she will find someone like that in Idaho to lean on, especially the first few weeks there.

We just adore this girl. She is such a light and example in our home of goodness and I can't wait to celebrate her more in a few weeks.



Leaving Colorado will likely go down as one of the hardest things we have done as a family. 

On our last Sunday there before taking off to church we sat on the porch for a final pic. I can't even look at this picture without tearing up. I love this home and this family. I love how my girls have blossomed here. I love my little Colorado town and my people there - friends, neighbors, teacher, coworkers and acquaintances. 

We went to church and I felt overwhelmed with emotion. I really really just should not have gone. It was almost too much to bear. 


The hope that mine and Sarah's wedding plans for these two works out some day!!


Back home we spent a little more time with the fifth sister (our dear neighbor) and then presented the girls with a consolation prize...



Halloween 2015

Snuggling "Mr Skull"

I swear as the girls get older Halloween just gets more and more fun. 


With our house on the market and a pending move I was a little of a Halloween Scrooge this year and it about killed the girls. No decorations to speak of although they begged and begged.


We did get pumpkins and we did dip caramel apples, but it just wasn't quite the same without the house being decorated.



We did spend quite a bit of time on GM's headpiece for her Malificent costume - and used 3 rolls of electrical tape. 

Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled

After attending the annual festival at the school, a party for littles, school parties, a night of dancing and games at the church, and finally trick-or-treating with neighbors and friends I'd say that we actually did party-it-up pretty well.


Untitled Untitled

Trick or Treating:

The older girls were on fire running through the neighborhood until a dude dressed up in a bear headpiece totally freaked them out on a porch. They didn't know if he was real or not, but they absolutely refused to approach that porch. We moved on then they looked back to see the bear-man hovering behind kids that ventured onto the porch and were digging through the bowl of candy. He totally freaked them out when they turned to leave. Haha! It was hilarious until a few minutes later the bear-man crossed over the street and walked toward us. I was ready to be done with when the girls ran and screamed and clenched onto our arms and begged to go back home. It was the best finale!!!


Our Colorado Home


When we decided that we were moving we hustled and got the house ready for market. Going into the fall/winter months we felt a little constrained by time and things naturally slowing down.

Some friends came over and helped me declutter and take down personal touches. I took a few pictures and we went live the next day.


This is the entry. 


There is an office/den immediately to the left with beautiful paned french doors. 


It's where I'm sitting at this very moment. Rosie is playing with a friend and Roo is home from half-day kindergarten. She is chatting to herself in the family room. I will see the big girls walk up in a few moments from school just getting out.


As you continue on there is a small dining area to the left. This room doesn't get much action, but sometimes we play games or work on puzzles here. The piano is on the right and when it's played you can hear it ring through the whole house. This room was bright baby blue when we moved in. 


Finally you end up in the family room and kitchen. This is where we mostly hang out and where I hear Roo's chattering from. The coffee table is often used as a prop in playtime activities and when we watch movies on the weekends the table gets moved and we scatter on the couches and rug.


My favorite thing about this house is the kitchen. I really really wanted a white kitchen. This one is quaint, has a farmhouse sink, and a window where I can look out on my garden or the kids playing while I do dishes.


The kitchen had pendants hanging over the island when we moved in and the walls in here were beige. It's much more fresh and open now. 


On the other side of the family room is a powder room that I painfully painted when E was out for a few days on a business trip using an Ikea plate as a pattern. If I ever find out that it's painted over I'll have a fit.

Now we go upstairs.


Rose and Roo's room that I recently painted the softest sea blue/green. 


The older girls' room, then we have a bathroom for them, sewing room, and a play room. 


Lastly, there is the master that I painted white last year with a grey accent wall. 

All the floors in the house are hardwood which I love, but we miss having a place to relax and roll around on the floor. Also I have loved the knotty alder doors and custom railing on the stairs. 


The back yard is on the smaller side, but affords plenty of room for us to run and play. When we moved in it was nothing but a barren plot of dirt. We have loved beautifying it and watching it grow. It has been hard getting used to the split-rail fencing, but with good neighbors it isn't really an issue.

In less that 2 weeks packers will be here loading everything up into boxes and before we know it our sweet cozy home will be bare. I'm having an especially hard time leaving it. We have grown so much here. This is the first home our girls will really remember. We have amazing neighbors, a summertime pool, trails behind us and a single-track bike park. We can ride bikes to the library, rec center, and even to the little downtown that is just starting to get revamped with restaurants, a better farmers market, and other activities.


We will miss our town of Erie. And I will miss driving my kids from place to place and looking out and seeing the majestic Rockies towering in the east. They just got their first coat of snow about a week ago and are looking quite spiffy. I will miss the half dozen hot air balloons that we spot almost every single morning working their way to land in an empty field nearby.

There are a few things we won't miss. The dump nearby, the little airport next door where tiny planes buzz off the runway right over us early in the mornings and especially on the weekends, the outdoor shooting range that is so close we can hear the echoes of target practice, and the fact that I have to drive 15 minutes to get to any kind of store other than Walgreens.




A few weeks ago we had to make a major decision. Which called for oysters. We are definitely acquiring a taste!  

E was offered a job in Boise, ID with a new company and we were honesty at a complete loss as to what to do. 

We love Colorado. Like, we really really love it here. We can see ourselves here long term, our little chickies have blossomed into real life girls here, we love the climate and the people, and our school, and our friends, and the restaurants, and the outdoors. The outdoors!!!! We have turned our home into the perfect little place that is so...us! 

But there has always been a longing to be a little more west. My parents are still in Northern Nevada and we would just love to be closer to them even if its just for a few years. We still have a huge sense of adventure and exploring the PNW seems incredibly dreamy. We love the idea of moving somewhere that is more affordable and family friendly. We had heard things like Boise is similar to Denver, just smaller! Which trust me, helped a lot. 

There were some other factors that weighed heavily on us as well, like my job, the fact that E has made incredible friends at work and works for an exciting fast growing company here, and mostly uprooting the girls...yet again. 

Just when we wrapped our heads around moving, the company here gave E an excellent offer to stay which just about sent us over the edge. We literally did not know what to do!

After lots of prayer, thought, counsel, and a few spreadsheets we decided to stick with Boise and give Idaho and a new company a try. Amidst the struggle we felt at peace with this decision. 

We sat the girls down to talk about it and they took it surprisingly well. They are excited to see grandparents more and explore a new place. I'm sure when the move happens there will be tears, but for now I'm reminded about just how resilient they are. 

I applied to a few jobs and over the course of the next few weeks had 2 phone interviews. We then went out there and I scored am in-person interview after just walking onto a floor I wanted to work on at one of the biggest hospitals there and talking to the director. The next week all 3 jobs gave me offers and I eventually accepted the offer of the job I walked in for. This was a huge blessing as my work is very important to us and I really want to continue growing my career. 

Over the next little bit we added a lot to our stress by putting our house on the market and going to find a new home in Idaho...

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