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2nd interview day. nov 7

Back in october E and I talked about my going back to work. 

We both felt like it was time.
Things have been stable for us here in Colorado.
 I have been home for 2+ years.
The girls are more and more independent and frankly, waiting any longer would mean that getting a job would be increasingly more difficult. 

My neighbor works at a local hospital and through her I was able to get my resume to an Oncology manger and score an interview for a full-time day shift position - not exactly what I was looking for, but I wasn't going to complain since the field in Colorado is competitive and saturated with nurses. 

The interview was tough and I left feeling deflated. I could tell that they didn't really value my previous experience and I felt concerned about the time I have taken off.

The next 2+ weeks that I spent waiting to hear from them I was a wreck. I sifted through daycare options, after school care options and carpools. Worry. Worry. Worry. After a while I accepted the fact that I would likely be turned down and in a frenzy I applied to 20-something more jobs, emailed recruiters, and networked with more friends of friends. 

Honestly, it was pretty rough not getting that job. Rejection is hard. I began to question our choices, the time I've spent at home, and I even wondered if going to nursing school 5 years ago was the right thing at the right time. 

A few days later I perked up a little when I received another call. This one was for an elective surgery unit at a smaller hospital nearby. I talked to the recruiter, told her I was interested, then the manager called me. I instantly felt like this was a "good" thing. The position posted was a weekend night job where I'd be working mostly 1 and sometimes 2 nights a week. Not only did the schedule work out perfectly for my family, but conversation flowed easily and I could tell they really liked me.

The interview went so well. They asked tough questions, but it was such a positive experience. I left feeling excited and optimistic about the opportunity. Just a couple hours later I about jumped through the roof when I received a phone call with a verbal job offer. 

I spent last week at orientation and will get to know the flow of the floor and likely take some patients this week. I'm honestly so excited, a little nervous, and mostly praying it's a like riding a bike.  



So proud of you Hayley! You'll do great!

AshDaBell said...

Go Hayley!!!!! You will be awesome!

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