It's beginning to look...

Last Saturday the weather was just beautiful. The girls played outside for hours.

Just after lunch GM bursted through the front door and yelled something about Santa and music and firetrucks. 

I went to look and sure enough Santa was making his way down the street visiting with everyone home and giving out candy canes. 

Untitled Untitled

I was determined to have a real tree this year and out of convenience we just picked up a wrapped from Costco. To be honest it didn't look real great in one section and I naively thought that a good drink of water was all it needed. 


We got it home, put it up and man, it smelled wonderfully! We all loved it.  Just 4 days later it turned on us and just kept looking worse and worse despite my best efforts. My heart sank as I took the ornaments off and dragged the monster out to the garage. Bless Costco for their wonderful return policy - we didn't even have to bring it back. ps our garage now smells heavenly so at least we have that ;)

A few days later I put up our old dependable non-smelly fake tree. 

Other than the minor tree problem Christmas 2014 is off to a great start. 

We have been to parties, watched Gigi dance her little heart out at her recital, we've decorated, sent and received Christmas cards, shopped, wrapped, and baked something delicious, creamy, buttery, and sugary, most days of the week.


I love my holiday home.

It's cozy.

The lights are twinkling, the Christmas tunes are blaring, hot cocoa is basically on tap, and we snuggle together by the fire while introducing the girls to movies like Home Alone.

"Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!"

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