While He's Out


I have created a habit where when E goes out of town I tackle big projects that usually keep me busy and up late at night. 

It softens the blow of him being away and I get to keep my hands busy and my mind off zombies attacking me in my sleep. 

The latest has been our master bedroom. 

It was the same ol boring beige as the rest of the house. 


I wanted it to be a cool white to open the room up and I wanted to give it an accent wall with the eggshell grey I found on the "oops paint" shelf at Home Depot - make a note now to always check that shelf when you go. You just can't beat $7 for a gallon of paint. 


All day and night I taped and painted, then Sarah came in with DQ treats and helped me with the last bits.


It really is beautiful now and I feel like it serves as a sanctuary (when it's clean) to us. I just need to fix that gallery wall. Something doesn't feel right about it and it's been bugging me for weeks! Maybe I need a focal piece (a big frame) and I need to squish it together a little.

I also have been meaning to get in the bathroom and paint it the same cool green/blue as the kitchen.

Looks like he just needs to leave again.

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