Piercing Studio

On Roo's birthday she decided she wanted her ears pierced. We have agreed that 5 is a fine age for them to learn responsibility and take care of their piercings if they wish to have it done.

The only problem is that Easy and I are a little tired of getting ripped off by The Mall.

After GM's were done he had the idea to just buy a gun and do it ourselves. I agreed and for Roo we just went online and bought one. I figured with a nursing degree and plenty of experience in giving injections I'd be able to do a better job than a 20-something at Claire's. 

She was calm and patient. A little giddy. Then when the first earring went in BAM! little tears came falling down her cheeks as I tried to free the gun from the earring. She whimpered as Ava quickly got her a mirror to look. She hesitantly agreed to have the other done and BAM! I got it in without a hitch but then she howled and howled afterward. 

I think it was way more dramatic doing it at home. I seriously doubt she would have made such a fuss for someone else. It took a little time for her to calm down, but she forgot all about it shortly afterward as we went to get burgers and ice cream.

She reminds us to clean them nightly and she admires the pink sparkle like any 5 year old would.

Now I'm just making mental note to have that gun locked away or tossed for when these girls hit their teen years. 


Kelli said...

Wow you are brave!!

Lori said...

You guys are cool... and what a sweet little brave thing. Happy birthday.


She did pretty good! I'd be screaming, haha! We are totally sending our daughters (if we have any) to aunt Hayley for this :)

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