Final Retreat

The weekend before school started and our summer of non-stop fun and travel came to an end we decided to cruise up to Rocky Mountain National Park for one last camping haul. The weather on the way up made us second guess ourselves a few times, but luckily it cleared just as we hit our campsite. 


We had friends join us so the kids really ate it up. RMNP is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. It never gets old to me. Whenever we are up there my heart just sings. The landscape is absolutely incredible with it's wide valleys, craggy peaks, clear blue lakes, alpine tundra, and diverse wildlife. 


Since we had a lot of kids with us we decided to keep our day trips simple. We hiked around lake Irene then hit up Adam's Falls to start off.

Lake Irene is small and quaint. It's reflections are always perfect.

Adam's Falls is basically a big waterpark for the kids. The hike up is short and just above the falls there is a calm area where the kids can hop from rock-to-rock and play pretty safely. 

I was in love with these little "ants on a log."

Along the roads in the park you can always bet on seeing some elk. So, we were a little surprised  when we came across a moose and the Rowberry's also saw a bear from their car, but still hadn't seen many elk. 

At the very top of the tundra we finally saw a herd right off the road. Just chillin. 

Just before heading home we stopped and climbed up the stairs at the Alpine Visitors Center to 12,000 feet and took in the views. 

Kids have a way of knowing just how to make their parents squirm at high altitudes as they are  hanging over little barriers. 

Ranger Rosie reminds you to "STAY OFF THE TUNDRA!"

Two days later my big girls went to school and broke my heart.

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Beautiful pictures!!

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