The Road to Tahoe

When you live in Colorado the road to Lake Tahoe is a long one.

It has plenty of pit stops so that you and your 4 children can keep sane.


The first of which, for us, was in Logan UT where my brother Matt and his sweet family live.

This is 8 hours into the drive.


We enjoyed beautiful weather, swimming, late nights, and of course Aggie Ice Cream. 


We then spent a few days in Lehi with my brother Jeremy's kids. It was supposed to be with Jeremy and his wife Lindy too, but rather unexpectedly when I arrived their youngest was feeling pretty poorly. After I had a little look at him it was decided that he needed to go to the doctor asap as he had every single one of the signs for DKA. The pediatrician sent them right over to Primary Children's where suspicions were confirmed and he was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus. 


For the next few days I looked after the other children and we were able to visit their parents and brother at the hospital. I was so grateful to be there! Living far away has not given me the opportunity to help and serve my family members in the way that I have always wished I could. It was such a relief for myself and them that I was there.

IMG_1467 IMG_1470

Before hitting the road again I got to see my cousin John and his wife Shelly just as they pulled their moving truck into town. GM was pleased as can be to snuggle baby Archie, the kids devoured some Waffle Love and we got to catch up quite a bit. 


On our way out of UT we grabbed Easy at the airport and headed out across the desert and salt flats to Nevada.


Where we were eventually greeted by the beautiful and majestic Lake Tahoe!


My brother Jeff had arranged condo's for us to stay in for 4 day allowing all my Lewis siblings and parents to gather and reunite with each other. It was perfect. 

IMG_1620 IMG_1641

We got to the beach early and rented SUPs and a Paddleboat. We swam, dug in the sand for hours, had inversion contests and just relaxed. That evening we played Minute to Win it and surprisingly not one person was injured (we can be quite physical and competitive). 

IMG_1839 IMG_1714

On Sunday we attended church then hiked and played ping pong and pool in the game room through the evening. 

IMG_1653  IMG_1713 

These cousins sure love each other! 


Much of the group headed out Monday morning but a few of us stayed for a little swimming and crawdad catching at Sand Harbor. 

They literally spent all day on those rocks. 


And Rosie came up with her new perfect pose that she has been doing variations of ever since.


It is not often that we all get together like this. Actually I really can't remember the last time that we all were.

I loved every minute of it.



Tahoe looks GORGEOUS! Great pics. Great pose, Rosie!

the crew said...

it was so fantastic! My kids still keep talking about it, and about your girls:) love you guys!

AshDaBell said...

Love the pics! And great video of the crawdads, your girls are so brave! I don't even know if i am brave enough to grab those things.

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