"Out in the heart of the golden west, home means Nevada to me."


After our Lake Tahoe Reunion, Easy hit the road for work and left me and the littles for a full week in Fallon, NV at my parents house. I have only been back home a couple of times for my grandfather's funerals in the past couple of years. It was so nice to be there with my girls and stay for an extended amount of time without any real obligations. 

I actually loved it. My kids didn't want to leave. I didn't want to leave.

We rode 4 wheelers down the same trails on the river that my brother's and I used to haunt as kids.

With each of my girls holding tight to my waist we blasted down the dirt road alongside my brother Darren and his kids. We stirred up the cotton flying though the air from the trees and as the kids squealed I got a little choked up. I thought to myself,

 This was my childhood! If I could bottle it up it would smell just like this!!

The musty river, the Russian Olive trees, and the faint stench I f exhaust and dust in the air.

Darren was impressed that I still knew how to ride. I guess there are some things that you never forget.


 Sharing my favorite spot on the river with my girls was just as romantic as it sounds. I loved that they are at a point where they appreciate it and ask questions and are able to experience and remember it all as I do while picking cattails and floating their fuzz through the air.

My girls and my mom playing cards and waiting for dinner to cook over the fire pit. 


The fun didn't stop there. When we planned the trip to Fallon, Eric said (half joking) to me, "Make sure you get the girls on a horse." 

I mentioned it to my mom who called my uncle and the next thing we know we are saddled up. The girls were so brave. I was especially impressed with Miss Ava who kept her calm when Patches got spooked on her then also kept cool when Berry decided to take a little dunk with her and I in the river. 


He literally just decided to lay on down with us in that nice cool water. Lol. After that my uncle took Ava and had me keep Berry in line. 

IMG_2025  IMG_2022

Darren had a couple new litters of pups from Labradors of Silver Sage that he let us come over and get our puppy fix from. It was pretty sweet seeing my girls, his kids, and my brother Matt's kids all with a puppy in their arms. Heaven!!


Finally, before heading put of town I got to meet up with some of my dear friends at my favorite pizza place in all time. Seriously a pleasure! 


When I was finally able to pull the girls away we headed back to UT for a couple days with Easy's parents then headed home. I feel like lazy extended trips to Fallon will be more of a priority in our future. 


My parents are so good to their grandkids and I love nothing more then to see them building relationships together. 

Thanks Mom and Dad! We will be back soon. :)


Lori said...

This looks like a dream trip. I love the smell of NV so much (not Clark county... but the rest of it). It was a great place to be a kid.

the crew said...

That was a dream trip! I think we always run there with a giant to do list- it was so good to just soak it all in:)

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