Gardiner Chalk Art Festival 2014


A few weeks ago as a cool enough morning presented itself on a free day we decided it was time to do our own little chalk art festival on our driveway. 


Each girl got a square of her own and we started just after breakfast. Little Rosie didn't waste much time busting out her abstract piece.


Roo made a colorful pinwheel design recruiting others to help her fill in the sections as her little arms tired out. 


I created a fishbowl (#chacotan)


Ava did a fabulous job on her exotic bird with only a little help from me here and there. 


And GM went for size and made a giant flower in a vase (that you can dive into).

We battled the rain all day and chatted with neighbors as they went by walking their dogs or pushing their babies in strollers. 


And we got really dirty. 


REALLY dirty. 


As everyone was finishing up I commissioned the older girls to help with a treasure box for my fish.


They have already been talking about what they want to do next year and how they want to invite friends - honestly I'm just as excited. 

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Amber Goodman said...

What a fun tradition to have! You inspire me with so many of your great ideas :)

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