Wild and Wonderful Wyoming


For the 4th of July we ventured up to the most northwestern part of Wyoming to explore the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks. 

Most of my experiences in Wyoming consist of driving along I-80 through the flat, dry, empty land. Its boring. And ugly.


But that little northwest corner is utterly breathtaking. The air is cool and crisp, the mountains burst thousands of feet up toward the never-ending sky, the lakes are filled with fresh snowmelt that rumbles down the mountains with amazing force, and the wildlife flourish. 

Easy and I kept wondering why we hadn't come here more when we lived in Rexburg. Then we remembered we were students, and working, and newly married. And broke.


Our first day there we rented 2 canoes and paddled around Jackson Lake. Ava and GM loved being big enough to help with the paddling. 

I'm not sure we did as much paddling as we did staring at those magnificent mountains.  We raced though and I made up silly songs for the girls as we went along. Rosie and Roo were the perfect little passengers. 


That afternoon we took a ferry across Jenny Lake and hiked up to Inspiration Point and Cascade Falls. 

Those Peaks! 

IMG_7759 IMG_7810

In Yellowstone we timed Old Faithful just perfectly. Then saw it again after a little hike up the mountain with our crew. Watching that geysers blow is so epic.


Easy's sister and her husband are the ones who invited us on this grand adventure and they were the perfect people to have around. 


They engage the girls and are easy going, loving, helpful, and best of all so much fun!


Of course yellowstone is full of all sorts of geological wonders.


Grand Prismatic Spring was a favorite.


I loved Black Pool. 


And of course the Lower Falls were wild. I have never seen so much water pouring. I wish the pictures did more justice. Most of the bigger waterfalls I have seen are long and beautiful (Bridal Veil in UT, Multnomah in OR, Treasure in So CO) but this waterfall is downright scary! It's beautiful but scary-beautiful. Is there a word for that??? It kinda makes my hands shake a little just typing about it. Sheesh, Hayley get a grip! 

We sat staring at it for a long time and it kind of exhausted me. Probably because it made me so nervous as I imagined my own tragic death going over the edge. Hah! 


Onto something more relaxing - in the park we came across a lot of wildlife! Yay! Let's talk about fuzzy animals! 


We saw elk, buffalo, a grizzly from faaaaaar away, a coyote, and an eagle. 


We learned that a big black bear came into our camp a few sites away from our own and scared a family off their dinner table then went to town on their feast when rangers ran by our site yelling at us, "Stay close to your cars!" They eventually hit him with a bean-bag gun and he ran off. 


All the sightseeing is quite amazing, but with our little crew we have to balance it with time-off.

Tired hikers. 


Really, all they want to do is find a cool place to let their imaginations run wild. We had a picnic dinner at Yellowstone Lake and they played forever on the trees jetting out into the water. They hated it when we forced them away.


They are super good at accepting bribes and will usually power through a tough hike for the promise of ice cream. 


Luckily camp is quite fun too.

Sunday was quite nice as we just went to String Lake and enjoyed another picnic, sitting by the water, and wading a little. It was quite frigid. Actually, very frigid and we wished for a canoe or raft again - I think one is in our future.

That evening we attended the Jackson Lake Lodge branch for sacrament meeting and 2 of our 4 kiddos crashed in the middle of the meeting. Rosie in E's arm and GM against his shoulder. I think we did a pretty great job wearing them out.


We left Wyoming with our hearts so full. I love these grand little adventures with our family. Getting out and exploring the world is our absolute favorite pastime. It's hard and yes, exhausting, but it's worth it every. single. time.


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Gorgeous! Every picture looks like a postcard! Wish we could have come. I miss Jackson Hole and Jenny Lake :) And all you guys of course!

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