The Great Sand Dunes


I can't believe I neglected to post about our trip to the sand dunes! It was at the tail end of our Mesa Verde trip, I had gotten all my photos ready a few weeks ago, and then I just missed it posting it. Weird. 


Near the sand dunes is a waterfall called Zapata Falls. You can't actually see the falls in this pic - it is around the corner. What you can see is that huge block of ice melting directly into the stream, which is why wet are holding the girls and cringing a little. There were tears - mostly my own. 


The sand dunes are amazing, but the stream of fresh snowmelt coming down the mountains and creating Medano Creek throughout the dunes make it the perfect "beachy" getaway. The kids played all day long running up and down the changing stream bed.


We made sand castles and had water fights while soaking up the sun while wrapping our heads around the incredible views. 


We had some friends that met us and camped with us making it even more fun. 


The next day, before taking off we hiked the dunes a little and did some sand-sledding.

IMG_9394 Untitled

This GM is such an adventurer at heart.


Easy's dad made a great video for us that sums it all up better than I ever could in words: 

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Laura said...

That's a really fun video!! I would love to take my boys here sometime...looks super fun. :)

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