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We are doing American Girl Book Club again this summer and couldn't be more excited about it. Every week a new book is read and on Monday's the girls meet together with their dolls for activities and a little book talk. 

This time we chose to read Lanie - a cute northeastern girl with a love for the outdoors. Kinda perfect for us, right? 

We started out making roasting sticks. For the girls I cute 1" round dowels into 5" pieces then drilled a hole in one end for the wire. I also cut up a 1/4" round dowel into 1.5" pieces for them to make skewers for their dolls. The girls sanded, painted, and I sealed their sticks then we glued the wires in with Gorilla Glue.

After they were all ready to go we roasted "mini smores" with mini marshmallows, Golden Grahams, and chocolate chips. The girls absolutely died over this and my girls continued to roast for hours after the party was over. 

We also picked radishes from my garden, pitched tent and made bird feeders from birdseed and gelatin (first pic) then ate watermelon and trail mix for a snack. 

I cannot tell you how fun this is for these sweet girls. 

So far this summer they have read:

Kaya's Escape and made doll teepee's
Kit and made binoculars and their own journals to keep track of all this fun
Kirsten and made aprons for them selves + their dolls and homemade butter
and just this week they read Isabelle and made ballet tutus and barres for their dolls + learned a dance

Our book club last year.

I have also been reading up a storm lately. 


I just finished Free-Range Kids which I loved and will forever think about. 

Other recent favorites: 

What are you reading?

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allison said...

Free Range kids is one of my faves, too! I read it last summer and I am still thinking about it! Free Range moms RULE! ;-)

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