At the beginning of June I turned 32.

I decided that my birthday, hands down, falls at the absolute best time of year. It's warm out all day with cool mornings and evenings. The sun shines and the birds sing. Everything is blooming and alive. People are out and about, happy and donning their summer skin. See? It's the best.

I'm honestly such a fan of being in my 30's. I feel more confident, brave, and secure. I feel more love toward others and I am better at managing my relationships. It's a good place. At the same time I feel like I'm learning so much. Many of my dearest friends, close family members, and we ourselves are experiencing real life trials and challenges. I have learned to be a little kinder to everyone. I know that even the "happiest" of families are facing real life dragons every. single. day.


My life at 32?

I am staying home with my girls still, but have gotten an itch to go back to work part-time. I'm excited about it, but also nervous as I know there will be a lot of adjusting.

I am serving in the women's organization at church where I lead a committee that plans activities for the women. I love this responsibility - it suits me well. I have a firm belief in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know I am loved by an almighty God and that I am his daughter. I am grateful everyday that I have the opportunity to be with my family for eternity. I can be rebellious and stubborn, but I am trying to soften my heart.

I still struggle to keep a tidy house and I admit that it bother's me. I have a hard time feeling successful as a homemaker and mother when things are constantly out-of-order even though I know that it isn't really important if things are neat. My bathroom and the playroom are constant battles.

My projects. Quilts for each of the girls this year are coming along, I just planted a few more shrubs and flowers in the back yard (keeping the damn bunnies out of my garden is a constant project). We just got the house repainted and are getting a window fixed after all the storm damage from last year.

I am running, running, and running. I feel so strong and healthy lately - like I'm in the best shape of my life. My first half-marathon is in a week in Portland, OR. My right hip bother's me a bit as does the plantar fasciitis in my right foot, but I have found ways to manage them. During the week I get up at 6am and run to get home by the time the girls are rising and Easy is off to work. On Saturday mornings I run longer enjoying perfect Colorado sunrises, the clean air, and seeing my little part of the world wake up.

I am reading a lot now that my Stats class is over. I'm currently reading Unbroken which I'm totally absorbed in. I just finished Peace Like a River and I still think about it daily - it is probably one of my all-time favorites. I have a few more checked out from the library that I can't way to dive into: The Night Circus, Free-Range Kids, and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.

My favorite movie of the last year was The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Favorite song lately is Fineshrine by Purity Ring

I love the relationships I have with my daughter's. We are officially out of the baby-stage. No more diapers. No more crib. I have a small purse and we go and do as we please without naps to worry about or packing around baby necessities. We are almost stroller free! I enjoy the conversations and the creativity had with my older girls and I love nothing more than to chase and tickle and play with the little ones. They are so good at entertaining themselves with dramatic role-playing adventures and they are big helps to me around the house.

I just moved up to Level 3A in piano and I enjoy it so much. I love mine and Ava's teacher and sometimes feel like lessons are more like girl-time then work.  Piano has pushed my brain to it's limits and I just love having that quiet time to myself when I practice and struggle through new technique and theory. I am actually playing real songs!

My marriage. E and I have had more stress and struggle in the past few years than ever before. We can drive each other crazy, but my love for him has honestly has never been stronger. Struggle brings that. We are so aware of each other's flaws and we have learned and are continuing to learn how to work together. In the end I know that he has my back first and loves me to the moon. I want nothing more than his happiness. When I feel vulnerable or afraid he is my rock.

Overall I feel content, blessed, and able. I am sure I will look back on this time in my life with a grateful heart.

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I love this! I hope I'm all these things at 32. You Do so much! Hope you had a great birthday :)

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