Exploring SW Colorado


Colorado continues to shock me. It's tallest peaks and vast valley's are constantly dropping my jaw. I just can't seem to get enough of it. 

Over memorial day weekend we took off on a marathon expedition that Easy had completely planned out. First we packed up (which is always a bit of a marathon in itself) then we headed southwest to new 
territory. We traversed through the mountains in the rain and finally made it to the desert just passed Cortez, Co. 


Then on a little farther to Four Corners Monument. 

A few things about 4 Corners: 

1st is that we had the hardest time deciding whether we should actually go to Four Corners. You see, it is in the middle of nowhere. I mean nowhere. It was beyond our camping site and we had already been in the car 8+ hours. I texted my brother who had been a few weeks earlier. His response was that it was only worth it if we were within an hour anyway (we were) and if we had cash (we did) and if we were up to dealing with somewhat rude people. Hah! 

2nd is that the Four Corners Monument doesn't actually sit on the actual geographical Four Corners. Did you hear that? It's in the wrong place! Hilarious, right? We didn't mention this to the children. 

3rd is that the only real thing to do there is take a picture (in the wrong spot) and then purchase "handmade" crafts from about 3 or 4 vendors all selling pretty much the same thing. Nonetheless we got the girls some "turquoise" bracelets and then got out of there.

We got to our campsite just as the sun was setting and as the storms started rolling. We set up our tent and cooked dinner in the cold + rain with no firewood. It was a little miserable, but we mostly laughed and tried to make the best of it.

That night we froze.


The next morning we headed to our first "real" destination. Mesa Verde. It was incredible. A step back in time. A true wonder. 


As we walked among the ancient ruins our whole group was transfixed with curiosity as we considered the lives these people led. Why did they move into the cliffs? What was their source of water? How did they survive and then where did they go?


Luckily we had some pretty amazing tour guides who answered all of our questions as best as they could. And we left feeling satisfied and enriched.


After exploring most of Mesa Verde we hit the road to Pagosa Springs, CO, which we had passed through on our way south, and found our little cabin to cozy up in for the night. I was sooooo grateful for that little cabin since was hit by a bug of some sort and had a fever and some pretty miserable head congestion. 


I forgot to mention that Easy's dad met us on our route and was such a pleasure to have around plus a huge help. Uncle Chad also met up with us in Mesa Verde and was another great source of entertainment for the girls. My girls adore all the great men in their lives.


We relaxed at the cabin grounds all day on Sunday. We attended church there, enjoyed the hot tubs, and we were able to rest up after the horrible nights sleep in Mesa Verde. That afternoon we drove up to Treasure Falls and hiked around a bit. 


I wish this picture showed the scale better because the water was pounding down that cliff. 

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