Spring Break Twenty-Fourteen

Part 1.


I feel like I had been anticipating Spring Break since January this year - or maybe it's more like every year that happens. I just love having my girls all together with no commitments or time keeping.  

We planned a trip to camp in Goblin VAlley, UT with a visit to Easy's parents in Utah County just before hand. I decided to drive the party van with just the girl's and I out first, with E working and meeting us on the weekend. 

The first stop was to gather supplies at Walmart then get the tires rotated the day before departure - I couldn't help but laugh at the gallery of girls making sure the guys at the tire shop did it all right. No pressure guys! 


The next morning we hit the road bright and early. I felt pretty brave, but then again the girls were amazing on the trip, even that tiny-newly-potty-trained-squirt. 


We spent a few days at G&G's house admiring the basement Kent is finishing himself, chasing the cats, celebrating birthday's, and playing nonstop. I realize on trips like this how bad I am at keeping time and how good E is at it. 


Speaking of Easy - he and Rosie are total twins! Right?

I also snuck in a little visit to my cousin Amber and got to see her new sweet baby and enjoy her company for a bit. I loved it. 

IMG_7499    IMG_7500

My absolute favorite part of visiting was going to the Sacred Gifts exhibit at BYU. It was truly amazing to see so many beautiful religious art pieces of the Savior all together. And it was a bonus to go with G&G and Uncle Brett.


We also got to spend a lot of time with E's sister Ashley. The girls absolutely adore her. She pretty much wins the "Best Aunt Award" always.


Late Thursday night I finally got my guy back and we headed to So UT for a pretty sweet weekend camping with my brother's and their awesome kids. 

More to come. 

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AshDaBell said...

Great post, I loved seeing you guys, its the highlight of my year!

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