Spring Break 2014 - Goblin Valley

IMG_7448 copy

Goblin Valley.

We had anxiously been waiting our first camping trip of the year.

I couldn't' wait to feel the warm desert sun on my back, cuddle up to my little family in our tent, have little adventures and be completely out-of-touch.

IMG_7433It ended up being pretty perfect.

See my tiny family picnicking out there?

The weather cooperated (for the most part) and the girls behaved like the old camping pros they are.



IMG_7761 IMG_7746

Sleeping peacefully.
Yay for no more pack-n-play in the tent!






The big ones were even pretty brave and touched "the butt".


Seriously such a crazy place, right? 


It was an added bonus to have my two brothers and their families with us. We loved hiking Little Wild Horse Canyon together.


And bonding with them more. Cousins are the best. 


I love camp food. I love tinfoil dinners and hot dogs and beans and smores. I love the fire and the conversation that occurs around it. And I love that my sister-in-laws have become like real sisters to me over the years. 


These two are so alike in so many ways. And in situations that stretch them a little I can see their similar cautious personalities gravitating toward each other. Mostly I think Ava sees it in Roo and she helps her along. In moments like these I sometimes think my heart will burst. 


Easy was a total pack mule the whole trip - as was my brother Matt. They were so good about dealing with those whiny babies! 


Finally, I think that Miss Rosie has moved out of the camping "wild card" spot. 

She has proven herself to be a little pleasure in the tent, exploring, and around the campfire - even if she didn't touch "the butt". 

Goblin Valley was such a treat. Next month we have plans to go to the Great Sand Dunes in So Colorado! 

Mem Day weekend awaits!

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Spring said...

I'm so itching for a good campout! Looks like you guys had fun!

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