Talkity Talk

Roo's IEP meeting day. 
She finally consented to be my Valentine after my asking her hours earlier. 
She told me that she had to "think about it."

A few weeks ago I met with the team who have been assessing Roo's speech needs for our final meeting. This was when they summed up her evaluations and presented their plan to me. I went in unsure of what that plan would be and if I would be agreeable to it.

This little road of ours all started when I took her to her 4 year well check and the Dr couldn't understand her. When she asked her name Roo responded with, "Singser" and when she asked what Roo was for Halloween she reported a "swish" (witch). 

I guessed that her needs were borderline, meaning that her speech errors and articulation were somewhat typical for her age developmentally and that her need for therapy was mild - probably due to the fact that I and the rest of our little family know her language and understand about 95% of what she ways. 

As the meeting started I began to see things a little differently. They expressed that some of her errors were non developmental and that about 50% of her speech contained errors and 50% was intelligible. On the Goldman Fristoe Articulation Test she scored an 81 which is below the average range of 85-115. Not absurdly below, but proving that her needs are more moderate than mild. 

All of this work is done through our school district and services for therapy are provided through the district as well. 

To be totally honest with you I am not the biggest fan of preschool.

I don't believe it is necessary for growth and development and I don't believe that it makes all that much of a difference in my child's long term educational progress. I do believe that most children can succeed just fine with out it - given that they have a stable home life, involved parents, and adequate social interactions. 

Up until this appointment I couldn't think of a good enough reason to send her to preschool.

1. She is social - we do swimming, dance class, gymnastics, church etc.
2. I love having her around - meaning that I wasn't dying for "a break" from her.
3. She is very well behaved in learning environments, an excellent listener, and respectful of other adults - as I have seen in Primary at church and in Storytime at the Library.
4. It is expensive! A year of Preschool in CO is the equivalent of some universities.

We had the choice to take the speech services through the school district, which means Pre-K with therapy in the classroom or on our own which would mean me finding a personal therapist and basically doing it all from home on our own resources.

As much as I was leaning toward not wanting to not send her to preschool I couldn't budge the feeling that this was a GOOD thing for her. That she would love it and thrive and gain confidence and blossom. That through therapy in the classroom she would not become frustrated or shy about repeating herself to others so they could understand her better - because she would be working in a group with kids experiencing the same thing!! It wouldn't be a big deal. I knew right hen that I definitely had a good enough reason to send her.

So I signed the papers and our little Roo proudly walked into Pre-K 10 days later with the biggest smile across that sweet face.


Kelli said...

I totally agree about preschool. Evan is also in developmental preschool and it is AWESOME. His teachers are angels sent from heaven. I'm excited for your ginger!

Scooby and Jon said...

I understand not wanting to pay for preschool, we haven't wanted to do that either.
But I know that the early intervention preschool has really helped my sister's kids with their delays. I'm glad she's excited to go!

Spring said...

I get not wanting to do preschool, too. Brynn begged to go, so I let her. Mia and Isaac absolutely needed it. It has made the biggest difference. And to me, this is why personal revelation is so important. Heavenly Father will absolutely tell us what is best for these little ones! Now if only I can get that answer about Isaac and kindergarten... Good look to Miss Roo!

Lechelle said...

Hugs! We are going through similar events with our Gray. He's in the school district's speech therapy program as well, and we just had our second visit, so we are at the beginning of our journey. Much love to Roo, we are cheering for her!

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