2014: Year of the Quilts

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A few months ago I made a little quilt for our sweet new nephew.

Through every stage the girl's oooo-ed and awed over how cute it was and how excited they were to meet the new little guy. They would sit and admire the woodland scene chosen for the backing while I stitched away. All the while they would be saying things like, "Can you make me a quilt? Oh mom I want my own quilt so bad!"

And everytime I thought about making them each one I got overwhelmed and would groan internally - Easy had mentioned me making them quilts before. No was my response. Not going to happen. They have blankets.  Plus, I'm not really a quilter and even worse is that I would have to make 4!


I finally recognized that if I did make them each a quilt they would probably snuggle up to it at night, cherish it forever, and hand it down to their babies. There is so much love that goes into quilting. I should pour some of that into my own daughters, right? Right.

So this is when I gave in and started getting inspired.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 1.35.51 PM

If you follow me on Pinterest maybe you have seen this coming. Eeek! 

I went to look at fabric the other day and after becoming overwhelmed (again) I decided to just take it one at a time. If I don't get them done by this Christmas then I will shoot for 2015. 

Or 2016. 

Or 2017. 

And so on. 

One thing for sure is that little Luke Skywalker is definitely enjoying his. 

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 1.45.13 PM



Meg said...

What a darling quilt! I love the back so much! Your girls will love the quilts you make them. You can totally do it!

Briawna said...

You know I'm going to talk you into doing them, right? Stick with it. There's nothing quite like watching your kids cuddle with something you made, not to mention the sense of accomplishment when you finish it! There are tons of free patterns all over pinterest. Have fun. It's fun to see someone else get bit by the quilting bug.

tt moreno said...

you go girl friend!

nettie said...

You definitely need to make one for each of them. They will love it forever.

Rhonda & Greg said...

This is one thing that I would LOVE to do as well. I have some of my grandma's quilts and we have had quilts made for us and they are my favorite. What special memories the girls will have with those quilts!

AshDaBell said...

You can do it!!! and you are right they will cherish it forever. I love Luke's quilt, you did such a great job.

the crew said...

Oh man, this makes me want to do it too:)

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