VDay 2014


The past few months E has been crazy busy with work. He isn't home for dinner much and he often leaves before we are all up in the morning. Good thing my older girls are such tremendous helpers or there is no way any of us would get through this time alive.


Valentine's Day came and went with the rest of the chaos. We pinterest-ed up some good non-sugary Valentines for their friends and the older girls got to "dress up" for school.

I wasn't interested in going out to dinner or making a big deal of things so we all just stayed in and had homemade pizza by candlelight with sparkling cider. 


The girls get all hyper when we do any kind of "special" dinner and they were really on one that night. Hopefully in the future the won't try to impress their Valentine's dates with competitions of who can make the loudest fart noises on their forearms. 

The best part of the day was when Easy walked in the door while we were all waiting around the table for him. The girls whooped and hollered, kisses were given and received, and we devoured our beautiful pizza. I also loved that morning watching my girls open their special cards I made them and seeing their faces as they read my words to them. Roo had me read hers aloud to her over and over. 

Feb has gotten only better since then - I have been working on projects, we have seen quite a few sunny days, and my husband has been around more and more, also I have gotten back with Yoga and my love for it is stronger than ever. I'm glad that things have turned a corner her. Namaste February. Namaste. 

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The girls would love Luke :) He makes fart noises all day long, haha! Love those Valentine's Day cards!

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