Projects Brewing

I mentioned yesterday that I have had a few projects brewing lately.

It was initially a way to get out of a the little funk that I have been in - and I must say that I think it worked wonderfully - only that it had a snowball effect that is still rolling a bit.

It started with rearranging the girls' rooms. I moved Ava and Mae into the bigger room, Roo and Rosie together and into the big girls' old room, Rosie's room had been turned into an office of sorts, the playroom into Roo's old room. Chaos! The whole upstairs of our house was a complete disaster! The girls and I were dragging furniture, taking apart beds, and unearthing little dust bunnies everywhere.

Finally when the dust (literally) settled I got out the can of grey paint from the dining room and did a wall in Ava and Mae's new room.

It was getting closer to the final product, but I knew we needed something more.


I bought some vinyl, got a circle punch, a measuring tape, and then marked out the wall into 12" squares.


I took the top half and they took the bottom half sticking the marks with vinyl dots until bedtime. 


In the morning it looked just like I had envisioned and cost me only $5. The girls were so in love with it they tried to convince me to dot-up all the other rooms in the house and I was so in love with it that I think I considered their idea for 10 seconds.


Next up was the 1/2 bath downstairs. Before I knew it I had taken down the mirror and was coating the wall in $7 oops paint from Home Depot - a medium grey.


Then I grabbed a plastic kid's Ikea plate and started chalking circles on the wall and painting them in - 8 circles across exactly so it was a perfect fit. :) After a while I got tired of that plate and traced it onto a cereal box and used that as a template. I scored it in half so it was easy to do the 1/2 circles on the edges. 


I kinda thought I would never finish it. Especially when I decided that it all really did need a second coat to make the circles opaque and more exact. Then there was the dreaded toilet that I was going to have to maneuver around. Torture! I mean, I was basically hugging it at times to get the wall under and behind it. Haha! Bet you wish I had a picture of that! 


Finally between some intense study sessions for my first Stats test this week I got it done and I totally love it (I have been caught on multiple occasions dumbly staring at it). I really want to finish off Rosie and Roo's room and do the master too, but am waiting on some inspiration on that - and for my wrist to stop aching from all those circles. 


Popi and CeCe said...

Hayley, you are so creative! the girls' room and the bath are SPECTACULAR! Perfect!

tt moreno said...

i all looks gorgeous!!!

the crew said...

Fantastic!! I love to see your wonderful projects:)

Pamela said...

That bathroom is stunning! I'm totally going to copy your circle art!


Love it all! Makes me want to get my butt moving on something fun!

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