February Funk


So far February has blown. 

It has been freezing. Like so so so cold. Subzero temps every day and rock hard snow lingering around. This is not the CO winter that I love. We are feeling cooped and getting antsy for spring. 


When the month turned our stomachs happened to turn with it. Last weekend a nasty bug set up camp in our home and took us down one by one with achy bones, wrenching, and fatigue. Easy was the only one to escape it. Superbowl Sunday was spent on the couch with big bowls in hand, a fire going, naps, and lots of liquids - it was a pretty easy game to nap through - right??? Ugh Broncos!

Cute GM had dozed off so much she was confused about the day and the time.

Not only that but a dear childhood friend pink eye has also taken residence here. It's actually a little hilarious because the girls call it THE PINK EYE! 

They say, "Don't touch me or you'll get the pink eye!"

Needless to say Feb has not been a favorite so far. Oh did I mention Rosie is potty training too? Ugh.


On the brighter side lucky Miss Roo has had big sister's home to play with for a couple of days this week. On Monday they went on a Rainbow Loom frenzy and created around 20 bracelets. Right now her and Ava (who woke up with the pink eye) are coloring. 


One positive is that GrAva was able to attend school on Wednesday as it was the 100th day of school. GM's class dressed as 100 year olds. I think she pulled if off pretty dang well. Lol. 

Things to look forward to: 

*Valentine's Day (so fun with the girls)
*Nic and Rachel's visit from Bermuda at the end of the month
*Camping in Goblin Valley during Spring Break
*Easy's birthday next month
*Getting my garden planned out
*Finishing my Stats class (yes, I just started but I'm counting down the days)


Hannah Cooper said...

If it's any small consolation, January blew for us. Over 40'C (110 plus I think in F?) almost everyday, no air con, 5 head colds between the 3 of us, one case of pink eye. Opposite sides of the world, but lots of empathy from here! Here's to a better month ahead :)

Rachelle said...

I'll make you feel better. Daphne got lice from school. It has suuuuucked!

I'm over February as well.

Clandestine Road said...

February is always depressing. We have adopted Meg W's end of the month Mexican food week. Spicy food and something to which to look forward somehow makes it bearable.



That picture of Ava might be the most beautiful picture I've ever seen! She is so gorgeous! Sorry February sucks... Sounds like it really does so far.

AshDaBell said...

Being sick SUCKS!! i know because i just got over strep throat. sorry you guys were all suffering this month. Greta makes an AWESOME old lady! Miss you guys!

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